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Financing through issuance of securities

Financing through issuance of securities

Ensure additional financing for your business through attracting funds from the capital markets, assisted by UBB


  • We will be your partner from the moment of formulating your strategy until the placement of the securities’ issue
  • Enhancing your company’s brand awareness
  • Publicity and transparency
  • We have long-standing experience in issuing equities and bonds on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE)

Terms and Conditions

  • Equities should be in dematerialized (book-entry) form or should be immobilized through the respective procedure and registered in an account with the Central Depository
  • There should not be any restrictions on the equities’ transfer
  • The equities’ issuer should not be undergoing a reorganization procedure
  • Equities should comply with requirements of the Public Offering of Securities’ Act as regards the public offering of securities and their trading on the BSE.
  • Bonds can only be issued by a joint-stock company.
  • Concluded agreement for investment intermediation with UBB


If you effect deals in equity securities we can offer you:

  • Financial consultation and investment intermediation upon initial and secondary offerings of equities and capital increases
  • Investment intermediation upon registering equity instruments for trading on a regulated market (BSE)
  • Investment intermediation upon execution of trade offers and repurchase of equities

If you prefer financing through offering of debt securities we can offer you:

  • Structuring and intermediation upon corporate bonds’ issuance in case of private and public offering
  • Registration of debt instruments for trading on the BSE

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Payment of dividends and liquidation stakes

Pay dividends and liquidation stakes to your shareholders with UBB

Bondholders’ trustee

If you issue bonds we can offer you services, relating to a trustee bank’s obligations to bondholders

Products For Large Corporate Clients

Aimed to finance large-scale projects through the entire product range of UBB. Applicable to implementation of large and key investment projects.