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you use the bank in motion - easy, quick and secure.

Utility bill payments via your current account with UBB are free of charge


What is UBB Mobile?

UBB Mobile is a specialized application for mobiles devices - mobile phones and tablets with operational system Android and iOS.

The application is meant for the execution of base active and passive bank operations by individuals and businesses, as well as for the receipt of general bank information.

MTPL via the UBB Mobile app


Together for a brighter future!

Enjoy the comfort of our mobile banking and join our initiative. 

Now everything is fast, easy and secure, you’ve got the Bank with you.  

We give you another reason to select mobile banking.

For each initial login of an individual client to the mobile banking app of either UBB Mobile or KBC Mobile Bulgaria over the period 10.12.22010.01.23 we will plant a tree.

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Grab your e-vignette directly via UBB’s mobile app


mOBBy Loan -
instant solution for any situation

mOBBy Loan is a pre-approved consumer loan, which you receive as a permanent offer in UBB Mobile and fully utilize via the app.

The process is simplified to three easy steps:
  • You receive a loan offer through UBB Mobile
  • You sign an agreement online, without visiting the Bank, thanks to our cooperation with Evrotrust and their Qualified Electronic Signature (QEP) app.
  • On weekdays the amount is available within 1 hour after conclusion of the agreement.

* mOBBy Loan is intended for clients - individuals, who have payroll at UBB for at least 6 consecutive months prior to the offer and have given their consent to receiving personalized offers.

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Other functionalities

Issuing debit card via UBB Mobile

Apply for a debit card directly via the app, selecting a UBB branch to receive it.

Log-in and payment through fingerprint.

Quick and easy access through fingerprint for bigger security.

Rescheduling of purchases with credit cards

Option to reschedule purchases with a credit card to 3, 6, 9 and 12 installments.

Registration and payments of utility bills

Saves time - you can pay at any time, without waiting in line.

With UBB Mobile you can easily:
  • make money transfers to own accounts and accounts of other individuals, including taxes, in BGN or another currency without templates set in advance in online banking;
  • review and filter information about the movement in accounts for a chosen by you period and export data about transactions in PDF;
  • share an account number (IBAN);
  • block and activate your bank cards an unlimited amount of times;
  • scan IBAN when making payment orders;
  • open a new account or fixed-term deposit for individuals.
  • effecting of future value date payments;
  • currency conversion during transfer of funds.
receive information about your cards in real time:
  • type of the issued card;
  • balance of the account;
  • currency of the card;
  • unaccounted transactions;
  • account-based filtering of transactions;
  • receipt of free-of-charge Push notifications about card transactions.
The application offers up to date information on:
  • the location of the closest branches and ATM machines of UBB;
  • currency courses - non-cash and cash;
  • crossed courses between different currencies and a currency calculator;
  • connection to the bank through different channels;
  • changes in the app’s recent version.


Тhe UBB Mobile security is assured through:

  • entering a user name.
  • entering a password (which only you know).
  • use of a software token (built in the mobile application).
  • use of TouchID (fingerprint).
  • you add separately an access code or a fingerprint for the use on your smart phone.

The users of the application can at any time change their preferred way to log into their profile.

If a user loses their phone, they can dial 0700 117 17 and temporarily block their access.

Do you have a registration at UBB Online?

If you still do not use UBB online banking, make a registration, after which you would quickly and easily download and activate UBB mobile banking, following the steps:

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01 Download the UBB mobile application from the App Store or Google Play
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02 Enter a user name and password for access to online banking
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03 Receive an access code through a text message. Create a PIN code with 6 to 12 digits
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04 Choose a type of log-in - through PIN or fingerprint. That’s all!

Download app

It is enough to have phone with Android 5.0 (or higher) or an iOS 12 phone (or higher).

For questions or need of assistance, call 0700 117 17 or check Frequently Asked Questions.