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UBB Integration via API

UBB Integration via API

The communication between your ERP system and UBB’s systems via API integration automates and optimizes the process of managing your cash flows.


By means of the UBB Integration via API, you achieve:


Automated and structured downloading of information for accounts and movements 

Automation of schedules and ad hoc generation of orders


Detailed information about account balance and account movements in real time

Possibility for processing outside business hours


Payment orders are being inputted directly into the ERP system

References and reports are being send directly to the ERP system

No downloading or uploading of files in UBB Online


Reduction of employees’ routine activities

Increasing staff productivity

Considerable reduction of errors and omissions


Preliminary authorization of the access to information

Authorization with the Online Banking mechanisms

Strong secure connection between the systems

Terms and Conditions

  • You have an active agreement for UBB Online
  • Your accounts have been added for access to the UBB Online
  • Your ERP system meets the requirements for reliable connectivity and supports API communication

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