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UBB Platinum Bulgaria

UBB Platinum Bulgaria

Is this fund the right one for you? Make a quick test to assess your investment profile and see which funds are suitable for you.


  • High liquidity - units can be purchased or redeemed any time
  • Non-taxable profit - the realized return is not taxable
  • Investments/savings diversification - you can allocate your savings into different product types, thus using the advantages of each one of them
  • Institutional protection - control by the Financial Supervision Commission, while the fund’s assets are being kept with a depository-bank.
  • Access to specialized markets - access to markets, which are usually closed or too specialized for individual investors


The mutual fund is a feeder collective investment scheme pursuant to Article 67 of the Collective Investment Schemes and Other Undertakings for Collective Investments Act (CISOUCIA), which invests at least 85% of their assets in Institutional F share BG class, denominated in leva, to master sub-fund Horizon Platinum Portfolio.

The fund is a global mixed ‘balanced’ fund. Its investment objective is to invest at least 85% of its assets in the master sub-fund and up to 15% of its assets in cash and derivatives.

The master sub-fund invests partially in a worldwide selection of investments and
partially in investments in Central and Eastern Europe. The target allocation of the
investments in the main sub-fund in classes of assets is 70% in bonds and/or
investments related to bonds (‘the ‘bond component’) and 30% in shares and share related instruments (the ‘stock component’). This allocation may vary in compliance to the investment strategy of the managing company, including making investments in other assets.


Fund type Balanced
Risk indicator 3, based on a scale from 1 (low risk) up to 7 (high risk)
Investment focus: Shares, bonds, cash, debt securities and government securities
Recommended investment horizon 4 years
Initial offerring start date 30.1.2006
Minimum one-off investment BGN 100
Minimum investment upon Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) BGN 20
Currency Bulgarian leva (BGN)
Depository Bank UBB 
Issuance fee 1.50%
Redemption fee up to a 1-month holding period 5%
Redemption fee after a 1-month holding period


Ongoing charges 1.501%
of which inducements 0.840%
Transaction costs 0.300%
Unit price See HERE

IMPORTANT! This information contains marketing material and does not constitute investment consultation, advice, investment research or investment recommendation and should not be treated as such. The information is valid at the date of its issue and may change in the future. The value of the units of the collective investment schemes changes over time and may be higher or lower than the value at the time of the investment. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk for investors not to refund the full amount invested. Therefore, it is advisable for investors to get acquainted with the specifics of the financial instruments in which they wish to invest and to assess how appropriate they are to meet their investment objectives and risk appetite before making an investment decision. The offered investment product concerns the purchase of units in a fund rather than any instruments, in which the respective fund invests in. Investments in collective investment schemes, offered by UBB, are guaranteed by the Investor Compensation Fund, amounting to 90% of the value of all financial instruments held by the investor in UBB, but not more than BGN 40,000. Please, read the Key Investor Information Document and the Prospectus before investing. Upon request, you can receive a paper copy of these documents, free of charge, at all UBB branches, within their normal working hours with clients. Full and up-to-date information about the funds, offered by UBB, can be found at www.ubb.bg, in the section "Savings and Investments", on the website of KBC Asset Management NV - Branch  www.ubbam.bg, as well as in the UBB branches, where you can get a personalized investment advice. A summary of your rights as an investor is available at the following hyperlinks, in Bulgarian: 11074.pdf (ubbam.bg) and in English: 11365.pdf (ubbam.bg). 



UBB Platinum Bulgaria

  • Prospectus DF "UBB Platinum Bulgaria" here
  • PRIIPS KID here
  • Past performance document here
  • Performance scenarios document here
  • Basic documents here
  • Rules of UBB Platinum Bulgaria Mutual Fund here
  • Monthly bulletin including the portfolio structure here

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