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The e-Notifications service provides fast and convenient info on your account movements and card transactions in UBB


  • 5 free-of-charge notifications per month of debit and credit card transactions, not linked to subscription for the service
  • Receipt of notifications for account movements, monthly account balance and card transactions
  • Receipt of free-of-charge Push notifications about card transactions

How to register for e-Notifications

  • At a branch of UBB
  • Via UBB Online - Profile menu - Subscription for e-Notifications
  • By calling the UBB Contact Center
  • Via UBB Mobile – Push notifications for card transactions


5 free-of-charge notifications per month

For transactions on debit and credit cards

No subscription for the service

Option to cancel receipt of notifications

Option to subscribe to notifications about

Account movement

Monthly account balance

Card transactions

Notification trigger amount

Notification manner

SMS/Viber for card transactions and account movements

Email for account movements only

Push notifications – for card transactions – applicable to clients with mobile banking

Free of charge if you choose to be notified only via email and/or Push notifications for card transactions and not via SMS and/or Viber

SMS/Viber subscription plan

1) SMS subscription plan
SMS 20 – BGN 3 (20 notifications)
SMS 40 – BGN 5 (40 notifications)


2) Viber subscription plan
Viber 20 – BGN 2 (20 notifications)
Viber 40 – BGN 4 (40 notifications)

Important to know

The use of the SMS or Viber notifications, included in the respective subscription plan, is not limited by time.

The purchased number of SMS or Viber notifications may be used until depleted.

In case the selected notification channel is via SMS and/or Viber, the Client has to specify a current account in BGN or EUR from which the due fee for the subscription plan to be collected.

The fee will be collected automatically by the Bank from the stated account after depleting the number of notifications, included in the subscription plan.

In case the required funds for payment of the due subscription plan fee are not available in the current account for collecting the fee, stated by the Client, irrespective of the reason for that, including the cases of closing the account, the Bank shall discontinue sending SMS and Viber notifications until ensuring funds for collecting the fee;

By activating PUSH notifications about card transactions for a debit/credit card with a subscription for paid notifications, the sending of free-of-charge, as well as paid SMS/Viber messages for transactions with this particular card shall be discontinued. Upon deactivating the PUSH notifications for that same card, the sending of free-of-charge, as well as paid SMS/Viber messages shall not be resumed automatically, as the client can resume those at a branch of the Bank or via the online banking functionality (for individual clients), or by calling the Bank’s Client Contact Centre (for individual clients).


  1. Request for use/change of parameters of the e-Notifications service

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