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Visa and Mastercard International credit cards

Visa and Mastercard International credit cards

Give yourself financial freedom and comfort in your daily life. It is convenient for both everyday payments and large purchases - you pay in a fast and easy manner, with the option for deferral of credit card purchases in equal monthly installments.


  • Long interest-free (grace) period - up to 55 days
  • 50% discount on this the annual fee for the next year, upon effected 24 transactions
  • Deferral of credit card purchases in 3, 6, 9 or 12 equal interest-free monthly installments - for purchases exceeding BGN 100.
  • UWIN Loyalty Programme - with a bonus percentage on the amount of the purchase at certain merchants and 10% birthday bonus for purchases paid with the credit card on the birthday date and on the next day.


In case of a credit limit of BGN 5 000, fully utilized through cash withdrawal at UBB ATM, with annual interest rate of 18.90%, payment instrument annual maintenance fee of BGN 48 and 12-month loan tenor, the total due amount will equal BGN 5 700.53, with Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 29.07%.


Currency BGN
Validity period 2 years
Interest rate

16.90% upon purchase

18.90% upon cash withdrawal

Minimum credit limit  BGN 1 000
Maximum credit limit  BGN 10 000
Liability repayment period 24 days as from the statement generation date
Transaction limit upon payment at merchant up to 100% of the approved credit limit
Transaction limit upon cash withdrawal at ATM/POS up to 100% of the approved credit limit
Number of transactions per week 50
Minimum repayment installment 3% of the utilized limit, (minimum BGN 10)
Repayment mode

Automatically from an account with UBB

Through a fund transfer from an account at a UBB branch

Through cash installments at specific UBB ATMs or a branch of the Bank

Via UBB’s Contact Centre

Via UPAY electronic gateway 

Utility bill payment Via UBB's Online banking, UPAY electronic gateway, or at UBB ATMs.
Maximum protection upon online payments UBB 3-D Secure - a cardholder authentication service for online Internet transactions. More detailed information, as well as for the purpose of administering your registration, please visit: for VISA cards and for Mastercard cards.

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Consumer loan

Ensure the needed funds for wanted products and services

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Plan how with minimum monthly installments to earn the desired amount, needed for a dream trip, a purchase, your children’s education or other.

Debit and credit cards' insurance

Full protection of your debit or credit card in case of an accident, card abuse, loss or theft of your personal documents and keys.

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UBB Mobile is a specialized application for mobile devices – mobile phones and tablets with operational system Android and iOS.

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