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Casco Insurance

Casco Insurance

The car is much more than just a vehicle. Casco+ from UBB and DZI gives you the comfort that we will take care in a fast and secure manner of the most frequent events that could lead to damage (a partial or total loss) of your vehicle.


  • Online claim notification
  • Payment of indemnity within 24 hours as from the submission of the claim-related document
  • Preferential price coupon for Annual Roadworthiness Test with every concluded policy - for passenger cars and freight vehicles with weight up to 3.5 tons and up to 9 seats
  • Free of charge assistance services - for passenger cars and freight vehicles with up to 3.5 tons total weight, for an insured event on the territory of Bulgaria and road accidents abroad
  • Road assistance on the territory of Bulgaria and free of charge coverage abroad - for passenger cars and freight vehicles with up to 3.5 tons total weight, with coverage upon an insured event and technical failure
  • Option for deferred payment in 6 or 12 installments - with Visa or Mastercard credit card from UBB


  • passenger cars and freight vehicles
  • towing vehicles and the trailers and semitrailers, attached to them
  • construction, intra-factory and other wheeled, and crawler-type machinery with special use
  • mopeds and motorcycles

Coverages and damages

Main Coverages


Natural disasters Storm, hailstorm, flood, etc.
Fire and/or explosion As a result of a technical malfunction or natural disaster
Road accidents Collision or impact with a motor vehicle or other physical objects, including road accidents, with damage on the insured motor vehicle, while parked, caused by another vehicle
Malicious acts of third parties

Intentional arson or explosion of a motor vehicle.Theft and robbery of a whole motor vehicle. Theft through burglary of insured stationary mounted multimedia equipment in a motor vehicle

Accidental fall of aircraft or other objects on a motor vehicle  

Damage remedy


Official car service Covered repair expenses for partial damage to vehicles, 8 years of age inclusive, in a service center of an official representative of the respective motor vehicle brand. Free of charge service for cars of age up to 5 years.
Trusted car service Expenses are covered for repair of partial damages in a car service center, previously coordinated with DZI . The payment is being made between DZI and the trusted car service.
Expert assessment The indemnity is determined based on an expert assessment from DZI, upon a provided discount of the insurance premium.
Repair works abroad Upon occurrence of an insured event outside the territory of Bulgaria, for a motor vehicle aged up to 8 years. Covered expenses for repair of partial damages on the motor vehicle, performed on the territory of the country, where the event occurred.

Required documents

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate (part I and part II)
  2. If needed - an invoice for acquisition of the motor vehicle, customs declaration, a purchase-sale agreement, technical specification, etc.
  3. Valid Annual Roadworthiness Test certificate
  4. Identity document

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