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UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant

Suitable for investors, who are tolerant to certain loss and are not willing to take higher risk. The target allocation is 30% for the equity component and 70% for the bond component.


  • High liquidity - units can be purchased or redeemed any time
  • Non-taxable profit - the realized return is not taxable
  • Investments/savings diversification - you can distribute your savings into different product types, thus using the advantages of each one of them
  • Access to specialized markets - access to markets, which are usually closed or too specialized for individual investors


UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant is suitable for investors, who are tolerant to certain loss and are not willing to take higher risk.


UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant is global mixed ‘balanced’ investment subfund of UBB ExpertEase Contractual Umbrella Fund, which is a replenishing collective investment scheme pursuant to Article. 67 of the Collective Investment Schemes and Other Undertakings for Collective Investments Act (CISOUCIA). The subfund is a replenishing subfund and invests at least 85% of their assets in Institutional F shares BG class, denominated in euro, of main subfund Horizon KBC ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant, which is an investment unit of Horizon N.V, an investment company of an open type, existing under the legislation in Belgium, with headquarters and registered address: Havenlaan 2, В-1080, Brussels, Belgium, and managed by KBC Asset Management N.V.

The investment goal of the subfund is to invest at least 85% of its assets in the main subfund and up to 15% of its assets in cash and derivatives.

The target distribution of assets of the main subfund is 30% for the component of shares and 70% for the component of bonds. This distribution may be significantly changes and in this connection the main subfund may invest a significant part of the assets in classes of assets that are not included in the target distribution (as CMI and cash). The component of shares may amount to max. 45% of the assets of the main subfund.

The managers of the main subfund pay one and half times more attention to the risk of decreasing that the growth potential, due to which the part of the portfolio which may be invested in assets of lower level of risk, as cash and CMI, in a situation of insecure and/or volatile markets, may be between 5% and 40% of all assets.


Fund type Sub-fund of UBB ExpertEase
Fund rating 3, based on a scale from 1 (low risk) up to 7 (high risk)
Risk/Return Indicator A value of 3 indicates that this fund invests a larger proportionate volume in bonds and interest-bearing instruments with short term-to-maturity, than in shares.
Legal form Sub-fund of the umbrella fund UBB ExpertEase
Currency BGN
Initial subscription price BGN 100
Initial offerring date 04.04.2022
Maturity No
Liquidity and availability Daily
Мanagement company KBC Asset Management NV
Distributor UBB


Issuance fee  0.00%
Redemption fee up to a 1-month holding period 5%
Redemption fee after 1-month holding period None
Ongoing charges 2.376%
of which inducements 0.455%
Transaction costs 0.380%


NB! The information provided does not constitute investment consultation, advice, investment research or investment recommendation and should not be construed as such. The value of units of collective investment schemes varies over time and may be higher or lower than the value at the time of investment. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk risk that investors might not recover the full amount of their investment. It is advisable for investors to get acquainted with the specifics of the financial instruments in which they wish to invest, and to evaluate how appropriate the latter are to meet their investment goals and risk aversion before making an investment decision. Investments in collective investment schemes are not guaranteed by a government-created guarantee fund or any other type of guarantee. Full information regarding investment opprotunities and advice on the most suitable for you mutual funds, can be obtained in UBB branches.


  1. ID Document
  2. Declaration-statement on the origin of funds for amounts exceeding BGN 30 000
  3. Current account in UBB

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