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Consumer loan

Consumer loan

Ensure the needed funds by choosing the repayment installment and tenor as per your capacity. The fulfillment of your plans is in your hands and we are going to finance needs for training, holiday, car purchase or planned repairs.


  • No Application Fee
  • Bonus: Credit card
Currency BGN
Tenor Up to 10 years
Amount Up to BGN 55 000*
Interest rate Variable interest rate 


APR 8.48% for a loan of BGN 10 000 over a period of 60 months and variable interest rate of 6.8% (RIR* + 6.6% fixed margin) calculated with a Credit Assessment Fee of BGN 170 for the entire tenor and a loan account monthly maintenance fee of BGN 2.5. Monthly installment: BGN 197.07. Total amount due: BGN 12 144.18 * The interest rate is calculated upon UBB’s RIR of 0.2%.

I want a credit amounting to…


I want to redeem the credit for…


Monthly installment



The provided information about the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and the Monthly Loan Installment is tentative and DOES NOT represent a final commercial offer. The calculations have been made on the basis of UBB AD’s effective interest rate terms and conditions for the respective loan. Please, note that the applicable to the loan variable interest rate is being formed of a fixed margin and a Reference Interest Rate, calculated in accordance with the approved by the bank RIR Calculation Methodology, as its value may change over time. The final loan parameters, tailored to your individual characteristics, you may obtain from our consultants by sending a loan inquiry, visiting a UBB branch or contacting us in a manner, convenient to you.



Interest rate Information about the interest rates for the products offered is available in any UBB branch
Minimum tenor 6 months
Maximum tenor 10 years

Up to BGN 55 000*


*Possibility for loan up to 70 000 BGN, with a maximum term of up to 7 years. For loans over BGN 35 000, a net monthly income of more than BGN 1 200 is required. For loans over BGN 55 000, a net monthly income of more than BGN 2000 is required. The maximum amount of the loan is determined on the basis of the client's individual profile, according to the Bank's requirements.

Collateral No collateral
Application fee No fee
Credit Assessment Fee According to the Fees and Commissions’ Tariff for Individuals
Loan Account Maintenance Fee BGN 2.50 per month
Borrower's age 20 - 65 years

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Life Insurance to consumer loans

The Loan Protection insurance program is a parameter of consumer loans, providing insurance protection to UBB borrowers.

Travel insurance

We provide assistance for timely medical care and medical expenses coverage in case of an accident or illness, occurred while travelling abroad

Casco insurance

It gives you the comfort that we will take care in a fast and secure manner of the most frequent events that could lead to damage (a partial or total loss) of your vehicle

Ubb mobile

With UBB Mobile
you bank on the go

Easy, quick and secure

UBB Mobile is a specialized application for mobile devices – mobile phones and tablets with operational system Android and iOS.

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