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DZI "Treatment without Borders"

DZI "Treatment without Borders"

DZI "Treatment without Borders" health insurance offers you treatment abroad and second medical opinion by world-renowned specialists, in case diagnozed with a severe illness


  • Consultations and treatment by world-renowned specialists
  • Coverage of all treatment costs and an option to choose a healthcare establishment
  • Making the travel and stay arrangements for you and one accompanying person
  • Policy conclusion at any UBB branch and DZI office
  • Coverage of further care and costs for medicines after return from treatment abroad

Intended for

Individual clients and families, with maximum age of insurees being 64 years.


Insurance terms


Second medical opinion Provided by leading specialists in the respective fields and preparation of an individual treatment plan
Healthcare establishments Selection of recommended 3 leading healthcare establishments and medical specialists for treatment of your illness
Covered costs of up to EUR 1 000 000 per annum, for treatment, travel and accommodation
  • Making the travel arrangements for you and for one accompanying person
  • Meeting and accommodation
  • Hospitalization and treatment
  • Translation and explanation of medical documents
Total limit of covered costs Up to EUR 2 000 000
Daily allowance for hospitalization EUR 100 per day for the entire period of hospitalization
Amounts for purchase of medicines for continuation of the treatment Up to EUR 50 000
Consultation and assistance Continuously, available at any time
Treatment-related territorial coverage The insurance covers treatment costs, incurred outside the Republic of Bulgaria's territory

Covered Illnesses

  • Treatment of cancer
  • Bypass of the coronary artery (myocardial revascularization)
  • Replacement or reconstruction of a cardiac valve
  • Intracranial surgery and specific surgery of the spinal cord
  • Transplantation of organs from living donors
  • Transplantation of bone marrow

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