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For companies with annual turnover up to 1 mln BGN

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For companies with annual turnover above 1 mln BGN

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For agri producters

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For freelancers with annual turnover below 1 mln BGN

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FX Trade

FX Trade

You can effect FX transactions with over 80 currency pairs, in 13 currencies.


  • Obtaining the needed FX liquidity at market exchange rates
  • You can do it at any branch of the bank, as well as in UBB Online and the mobile application via the platform for electronic trade
  • E-Transactions Monitoring (ETM) - opportunity to track FX market movements for free-float currencies and immediate settlement upon sufficient account balances
  • Preferential rate for transactions exceeding BGN 10 000.

Terms and Conditions

  • For transactions’ value exceeding BGN 10 000 you obtain a preferential exchange rate from the bank by calling 02/8112449
  • Current accounts in the respective currencies
  • For ETM - electronic banking
  • Legal entities should submit consent documents for using the ETM service at a branch of the Bank

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FX forward

Conclude an agreement with us, under which you will buy or sell foreign currency at prices agreed now, but with delivery on an agreed future date at the so called forward rate.


Open a bank account for your business by choosing between accounts in Bulgarian leva and foreign currency according to your needs and without restrictions as to the account type and number.

FX Transfers

Order fund transfers to accounts of your international business partners in more than 10 foreign currencies through the branch network of UBB or via UBB Online.