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Products For Large Corporate Clients

Products For Large Corporate Clients

Aimed to finance large-scale projects through the entire product range of UBB. Applicable to implementation of large and key investment projects.


  • Use of a combination of credit products and debt instruments
  • Individual approach upon structuring the loan
  • Longer repayment periods, aligned with the project’s implementation
  • Option for specific forms of collateral (for example, guarantees from foreign export insurance/promotion agencies)
  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions for financing
  • Chance to take advantage of our experience upon financing complicated projects

Financing and Parameters


  • Structured finance - individually structured loan for big, complicated and expensive facilities, combining the whole range of banking and financial instruments of UBB.
  • Project finance - a solution for ensuring non-recourse financing for companies at their initial stage of development, self-sustaining and having prospects to render themselves successful business projects in mid-term perspective.
  • Syndicated finance – for large-scale financing of companies, when the total amount of the debt exceeds one financial institution’s risk appetite for financing and external co-financing of the loan with other parallel creditors is being sought.


  • The terms and conditions of such type of financing are being formed in accordance with the specifics of every single project
  • Mostly considered are the planned project cashflows for repayment purposes, while the project-related assets serve as loan collateral.

Required Documents

  • Detailed business plan
  • Financial model (cashflows)
  • Documents in evidence of the legal, tax and financial status of the borrower and project investor
  • Permits and licences for the project’s construction and operation
  • All contracts, related to the project’s construction and operation
  • Market valuation

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Business Loans Under The InnovFin Programme

InnovFin business loans are preferential financing for innovative micro, small and medium-sized companies (up to 499 employees) through a guarantee scheme.

Financing through issuance of securities

Ensure additional financing for your business through attracting funds from the capital markets, assisted by UBB

Mergers & Acquisitions

Thorough consultation during the process of corporate sales, mergers, acquisitions, as well as financial restructuring and assessment of companies.