Acceptance of payments with bank cards

Acceptance of bank card transactions via POS

How will a POS terminal support your business? 

  • Often clients do not dispose of cash at the moment of purchase. Most of your clients, however, have bank cards, which they carry along all the time. The POS terminal provides yet another way of payment and, thus, it will boost your sales.    
  • By shopping with the card, the client has the possibility to spend the entire disposable amount in the bank account, related to it and even his/her future receivables in case of an approved credit limit or an overdraft facility. It has been established that purchases by bank cards are of a higher value than those in cash.
  • Payment via a bank card is also more convenient not only to the client, but to the merchant as well – the physical counting and giving back change is eliminated. There is also enhanced security of payment – the danger of paying with counterfeit banknotes is avoided.   
  • Accepting payments via bank cards will improve your accounting – the servicing bank will provide you with regular monthly (if necessary, weekly or daily as well) reports on the executed transactions.
  • You will save precious time and efforts from the physical handling, transportation and depositing of the cash turnover at the bank – the money goes directly to the merchant’s bank account!  
  • Last, but not least, accepting payments via bank cards will make you part of an ever increasing global community and it will give you an image of a merchant who is significant, open-minded and responsive to contemporary trends. 

What are the relations between a bank and a merchant? 

  • In order to accept payments via bank cards, the merchant needs to sign an agreement with a licensed processing bank. Banks serve as intermediaries in the client-merchant payment process. This is the case since the electronic transfer of funds between the buyer’s and the seller’s accounts requires authorization, clearing, settlement and accounting, while the issuance and acceptance of card payments is subject to licensing rights. 

Why should I choose UBB? 

  • UBB has the most extensive experience in the field of card payments on the Bulgarian market  
  • We are able to  offer you on our own a comprehensive solution, tailored to your business.
  • UBB charges competitive fees and commissions for accepting card payments!
  • UBB POS terminals accept payments with all card types, issued in Bulgaria or abroad.

What does UBB provide?

UBB employs all its efforts to have your business growing. We provide:

  • Free-of-charge POS terminal
  • Free-of-charge training
  • Free-of-charge technical maintenance
  • Free-of-charge commercial materials
  • Free-of-charge consultations
  • An option for performing checks of the turnover (specialized or standardized via UBB electronic banking)
  • Monitoring for fraudulent transactions and protection in case of chargebacks, etc.

Types of accepted cards

Through UBB POS terminals you have the opportunity to accept payments with the following card types:

  • Visa, VisaElectron and V PAY
  • MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro
  • Diners Club, Discover
  • Аmerican Express
  • JCB
  • Transcard

Through UBB POS terminals you have the opportunity to utilize the following additional services:

  • Generation and sale of electronic vouchers of various value for prepaid calls to the three mobile network operators Mtel, GLOBUL and VIVACOM
  • Offering the Visa Cash Back & Maestro Cash Back services
  • Offering the option of purchases in 6 and/or 12 interest-free installments, if made by credit cards, issued by UBB

You want to conclude an Agreement with UBB for accepting card payments via a POS terminal?

  • You can do so at any branch of the Bank! 
  • Our employees will explain to you the application and agreement-signing procedure.
  • For additional information, please, contact UBB Customer Service Center at 0700 117 17

E-COMMERCE: Acceptance of card payments on the Internet

Via UBB e-commerce: Acceptance of Card Payments on the Internet, UBB offers merchants, having on-line stores for sale of products and services, a comprehensive solution, including:

  • A Virtual POS Terminal for capturing of card details from your website;
  • Authorization, clearing and settlement of card transactions
  • Posting successful transactions in your account with UBB
  • Reports on the executed transactions
  • Monitoring for fraudulent transactions, protection in case of chargebacks, etc.

The virtual POS terminal is a defined-logic device in UBB’s electronic commerce system, which will be accessible via your website. You will also be granted access to UBB e-commerce system for real time report generation purposes, as well as for corrections.

Main advantages:

  • You will use one and the same communication channel (the Internet) for both offering your goods/services and accepting client payments.  
  • The payment, executed via a virtual POS terminal, is the fastest and easiest way for making and accepting payments on the Internet. All other payment methods require either the use of an additional channel, or a prior registration which complicates and/or delays the payment process.
  • You will expand your client base: geographically - by attracting clients from other regions, and technologically - by adopting yet another means of payment.

Accepted card types

Through UBB e-commerce system you will be able to accept payments on the Internet with the most popular card products:

  • Visa, Visa Electron, and V PAY
  • MasterCard, Maestro, and MasterCard Electronic

Card transactions’ safety

UBB ensures the safety of your transactions by applying the best methods and means of payment data verification, as well as protection of the transaction channel:

Verification of the cardholder’s authenticity

UBB applies the best practice for online checking the client’s authenticity during card payment on the Internet – the “3-D Secure” standard as realized through the schemes of the international card organizations - “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”. The use of these authentication schemes will boost the clients’ confidence in your company!

Verifying the card’s authenticity

UBB verifies the card’s authenticity through a mandatory check of its security code. 

Checking the available funds in the card

UBB always requires an authorization upon card purchases in the Internet.

Communication channel protection

UBB’s e-commerce system uses encrypted connection between the server of your Internet site and the payment server of the Bank.

Conditions for posting successful transactions

UBB will credit your account with the Bank on the next business day, following the transaction date.

Why should I choose Acceptance of Card Payments on the Internet service from UBB?

  • UBB has the most extensive experience in the field of card payments on the Bulgarian market.
  • We are able to offer you, on our own, a comprehensive solution, tailored to your business.
  • UBB charges competitive fees and commissions for accepting card payments on the Internet!


You have an Internet site, on which you wish to sell goods and/or services, however, you do not have the software for organizing the electronic store and for creating online orders? We can help you through the established by us partner relations for representation of such product. Obtained through us, the software for organizing an electronic store and for creating online orders will be at a preferential price and, also, with an embedded module for connecting to the Bank’s card payment acceptance application. Our partners will also render assistance for other technical implementation issues, which will save you both resources and time for the “live” launch.

You want to sign an Agreement for accepting card payments on the Internet with UBB?

You can do so at any branch of the Bank!
Our employees will explain you the application procedure.

How to contact us

For issues, relating to the technical realization or the product functionality, you may also contact us at the following e-mail:

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