Cash Management


UBB opens and maintains all account types, as per the national legislation, in local and foreign currencies and also provides account statements for different periods of your choice /daily or monthly/. Learn More

Standard Deposit

UBB offers standard time deposits in different currencies and of various periodicity. Learn More

Business Partnership Packages

UBB offers Business Partnership Packages, encompassing comprehensive banking services for small businesses. Business Partnership Package is a product, targeting micro and small businesses and combining the most commonly used banking products and services with individual monthly limits into a prepaid monthly package. UBB provides a choice among four packages, depending on your needs for financial services. Learn More

Payments and Direct Debits

The Bank offers the following payment channels - Its branch network’s banking halls, its U-Online system for Internet banking.UBB provides an opportunity for ordering domestic and international payments to/from accounts in Bulgarian leva and foreign currency (via BISERA, RINGS, SWIFT, SEBRA, TARGET 2). Learn More

Teller Transactions

UBB operates with the following currencies: BGN, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, DKK, NOK, SEK, JPY and TRY. Learn More

Business Cards

UBB business cards offer you convenience and control, security and independence, when you need cash or effect payments in Bulgaria or abroad. Learn More