SMS / e-mail notification

Product description

The U-info service (SMS /e-mail notification messages) provides UBB clients with the opportunity to quickly and conveniently obtain information about the movement on their accounts through an SMS or an e-mail message (only one of the two options may be selected).

Messages will be sent for all movements of amounts larger than 100 currency units and depending on the client’s preferences a higher threshold can be set. 


Clients, willing to utilize the U-info service may register at any branch of UBB AD. Service registration requires numbers with only Bulgarian mobile network operators.

Message Types

The sent account movement messages will contain the following information:

  • 17.7.2014 14:23:10 Smetka 7820510 XXXXXX10 e zahranena s 100 BGN - Vnoska po smetka
  • 17.7.2014 15:37:27 Smetka 7820510XXXXXX10 e zadaljena s 100 BGN - Teglene ot smetka
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