E-banking for companies. Transactions and operations. Easily and conveniently with UBB.


Through its e-banking United Bulgarian Bank provides you with online access to your funds worldwide. The service is intended to all clients of United Bulgarian Bank – both individuals and companies. By using it, you are able to effect operations conveniently and quickly, receive bank account and card statements, pay taxes, etc. United Bulgarian Bank’s e-banking provides you with the following options:

Receipt of account statements:

  • You monitor balances of all your accounts with United Bulgarian Bank
  • You monitor account history of all your accounts with United Bulgarian Bank with the option to export the information to a file
  • You obtain information about your submitted to the bank state budget payment orders
  • You obtain information about transactions at POS terminals
  • You obtain information about all used by you banking products, such as accounts, deposits, loans, account overdrafts, investments in securities

Effecting of banking transactions in real time:

  • You effect fund transfers in BGN and foreign currency in Bulgaria and abroad
  • You order fund transfers from/to the State Budget
  • You order State Budget fund transfers
  • You initiate and process direct debit transfer orders
  • You effect exchange of foreign currency between own accounts
  • You trade in securities
  • You repay obligations under loans and credit cards
  • You transfer funds from a credit line to an account
  • You pay taxes and fees to municipalities • You pay electronic invoices, issued by eFactura.bg
  • You effect mass payroll
  • You order payments with a future value date • You import files with payment document packages
  • You create lists of counterparties and payment document templates

Receipt of financial information:

  • BNB exchange rates
  • Buy/sell rates of United Bulgarian Bank for major currencies
  • Up-to-date list of BISERA member-banks

What is the technical equipment you need? You should have the following:

  • A computer with browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or a higher version or Mozilla Firefox 4 or a higher version
  • Access to Internet, maintaining the IP address within one session with the bank
  • For active operations – in addition to the above - a Client certificate, issued by United Bulgarian Bank or a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is needed, issued by a licensed issuer of authentication services and approved for usage by the bank, which is installed in your Internet browser along with a dynamic password, supplied by an SMS (further information about the password is available at https://ebb.ubb.bg/EBANK_Demo/fizicheski_lica/10.1.3.html), or generated by a U-code device (further information about the device -- https://ebb.ubb.bg/help/faq25en.html)


When using the e-banking site, a protected (encrypted) connection is established between your computer and the bank. The security of your funds and financial information are reliably protected with a client certificate or a QES (Qualified Electronic Signature), as well as a static and a dynamic password at different levels.

Firstly, e-banking is accessed by a unique user number and a password for system login. These ensure access for inquiry purposes only, without the option to effect payments.

Secondly, in order for you to be successfully identified by the Bank and to be able to effect payments, you need to have an installed digital certificate, issued by UBB, or a QES.

Thirdly, for additional protection and security enhancement purposes upon access to active payments in Internet banking, it is obligatory to also use a dynamic password, supplied by an SMS (further information about the password is available at https://ebb.ubb.bg/EBANK_Demo/fizicheski_lica/10.1.3.html) or by a U-code device (more information about the device - https://ebb.ubb.bg/help/faq25en.html)

How to become a client of e-banking

Registration for and use of the electronic banking service is free-of-charge. E-banking transactions are effected at lower fees than those paid at UBB branches, pursuant to the Bank’s Fees and Commissions’ Tariff.

If you would like to obtain financial information and use online banking services any time and anywhere, we offer you the easiest and most convenient way to become a client of ours.

Step 1: Read the up-to-date UBB AD General Terms on Payment Services in the Tariffs and General Terms Section. Full archive of the General Terms is available at https://www.ubb.bg/eng/terms/for-business-clients.

Step 2: Fill in an Electronic Banking Registration Form(https://ebb.ubb.bg/reg/reg01.aspx). Here you can select your initial login password and receive a unique registration request number.

Step 3: Check your registration request status (https://ebb.ubb.bg/reg/reg_statusNew.aspx): processed, rejected or pending. You can check the status any time. You are the only person having access to your registration request through your password and registration request number, assigned to you as described in Step 2.

Step 4: If the status of your registration request is “processed”, you can visit the UBB branch, selected by you where you will sign an Electronic Banking Contract. Your registration request will be processed within three to five business days, depending on the data, stated in the form.

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