Specialized products for receivables and liquidity management

Cash Collection (collection of clients' cash)

UBB offers cash collection services with armored vehicles from business clients' location on a date and at a time, preferred  by the client, as well as posting the collected amount to the respective account. The Bank assumes the transportation risk for the collected cash and guarantees high-level security and confidentiality.

Intermediation for automated collection of receivables

UBB offers to its corporate clients  – service vendors - intermediation for automated collection of their receivables in Bulgarian leva from a multitude of payers through a system for electronic payments between clients of the Bank, based on the direct debit principles.

The payers - clients of the Bank - have to provide direct debit consents. Based on the provided consents and information about the payers' obligations, within a period agreed between the parties, the system will collect automatically the vendor company receivables from the payers' accounts.


U-Collect is a product for managing UBB corporate clients' receivables, formed of multiple payers, through recurring payment of obligations in Bulgarian leva.

It is an automated  processing system for payments, made at teller desks in UBB branches, intrabank, interbank and foreign currency transfers from multiple payers in favor of a UBB client to its current account in Bulgarian leva, defined in advance.

Cash Concentration

UBB provides an option for automated transfer of balances from one or several  current accounts of a business client to another current account of the latter,  held with UBB, which is provisionally referred to as main account. The funds  received within the day in accounts, included in the scheme, will be transferred to the main account at the business day end with same-day value date.

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