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Investment loan for construction/purchase of photovoltaic power plants

Investment loan for construction/purchase of photovoltaic power plants

UBB’s Sustainable Finance Programme and aims at transforming the main sources of energy and reducing carbon emissions


  • The loan is part of A purpose with a broad scope - construction of a photovoltaic power plant for own needs and/or sale of electric energy
  • High percentage of financing
  • Long repayment period – up to 120 months after expiry of the grace period
  • Attractive individual pricing terms


Borrowers Legal entities registered under the Bulgarian legislation, as well as freelancers and agricultural producers
Purpose of the loan Investments for construction / purchase of a photovoltaic installation - up to 500 kWp capacity for production of electricity, intended for own consumption and/or sale of electricity
Business history Minimum 18 months of active operation
Loan currency BGN and EUR
Maximum loan amount Up to BGN 600 000 / EUR 300 000
Funding percentage

Up to 90% of the project value (less VAT)

Up to 100% of the project value (less VAT) upon participation in grant programmes of the EU

Loan tenor Up to 120 months 
Grace period Up to 9 months
Repayment Equal monthly installments under the principal and the respective interest on the outstanding principal for the period
Collateral - standardized requirements

The photovoltaic power plant, object of the financing;

Other admissible collaterals: real estate; machines; transport vehicles; receivables; financial assets; capital subsidies under a programme; financial instruments under a guarantee.

Alleviated collateral requirements For loans up to BGN 150 000: No other tangible collateral is required, apart from a pledge of the photovoltaic power plant.
Other Option for using European Guarantee instruments
Interest rates Variable annual interest rate, formed from the short-term interest rate based on BNB’s statistics (for loans in Bulgarian leva), or, respectively 1-month EURIBOR (for loans in euro) and a fixed margin, determined individually depending on the amount, currency, tenor and collateral under the requested loan as well as the client’s risk profile
Fees As per the bank’s Fees and Commissions’ Tariff for Business Clients and the loan agreement.
For secured loans there are also ancillary expenses related to the insurance and establishment of the collateral - for drawing up of a market appraisal, for establishment of a mortgage/pledge, for issuance of certificates, etc.

Required Documents

  • Loan and credit card application for small enterprises
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement and a Tax Return of the Borrower for the last one or two closed financial years, as at the application date
  • Copies of the ID cards of: the representative of the company - borrower; a co-debtor; collateral providers
  • Decision of the competent body of the company – in the latter’s capacity as borrower/co-debtor/owner of the collateral, for conclusion of the Loan Agreement and establishment of the collaterals
  • Collateral ownership documents, and documents required for the collaterals’ due establishment
  • Documents related to guarantee agreements.

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