Documentary Letters of Credit

While relying on our long-standing experience and a team of qualified professionals, we offer comprehensive solutions in the sphere of trade finance, tailored to the needs of any company.


Documentary Letters of Credit (L/Cs) constitute assumed by UBB AD irrevocable written commitments to effect payment in favor of the beneficiary upon submission of certain documents, certifying the fulfillment of all requirements and deadlines,  explicitly stated in the L/C terms and conditions.

L/Cs are a widely spread form of payment because of the high level of security, provided by this instrument to all parties of the L/C transaction.

L/C Transaction Types

UBB AD offers a wide range of products and services, related to L/C transactions, including:

  • Import L/Cs (issued by the bank);
  • Export L/Cs (advised by the bank);
  • Adding a confirmation under export L/Cs, received in favor of the client;
  • Ensuring a confirmation for import L/Cs, issued by order of our clients;
  • Discounting up to 100% of receivables upon export, made within deferred payment L/Cs, issued in favor of the client;
  • Prepayment under deferred payment import L/Cs, issued by order of UBB AD clients;
  • Transfer of L/Cs;
  • Transfer of L/C receivables through „assignment“.

L/C Terms and Conditions

Our team of qualified professionals is at clients' disposal for consultations, structuring of specific deals, assisting in preparation of L/C terms and conditions.

UBB AD issues and advises received L/Cs in local and foreign currency pursuant to the Republic of Bulgaria's effective legislation, the respective Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (publication by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris), as well as the international banking practices in this area.


UBB AD has a large network of correspondent banks, which significantly facilitates the work process and reduces the expenses, borne by the client.

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