General Info

U-Broker is an e-platform for trading in financial instruments on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia.

In order for us to be your broker at BSE, you need to:

  • Become a client of UBB AD by opening accounts, which will reflect your portfolio's transactions in financial instruments;
  • Register yourself as a user of UBB e-banking;
  • Inform yourself of the General Terms and sign an Agreement for the provision of brokerage services related to transactions in financial instruments.


U-Broker advantages:

  • Security - access through a digital certificate, username and password. The security of your transactions is well protected through a client’s certificate or a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), static and dynamic passwords;
  • Speed – market data refreshment;
  • Convenience - easy access to the orders you have placed for trading in financial instruments and concluded deals;
  • Professionalism - information about all deals, concluded on the BSE;
  • Minimum system requirements.

Terms and Conditions

U-BROKER is an e-platform for trade in financial instruments on the BSE –Sofia.

In order for us to be your broker at BSE, you need to:

  • Become a client of UBB AD by opening accounts, in which your portfolio's transactions in financial instruments will be reflected
  • Register yourself as a user of UBB e-banking
  • Inform yourself of the General Terms and sign an Agreement for the provision of brokerage services in financial instruments

In order to submit an order for purchase- sale of financial instruments on BSE –Sofia through U-broker you need to follow the steps below:

1. Choose the account which you would like to operate with. It is in this account that funds will be blocked upon purchase of securities and funds will be transferred upon sale of securities.

2. Deals and offers on BSE– this section provides you with:

  • Information about all traded financial instruments by stating their exchange code, ISIN number, nominal value and currency of issuing, as well as their last traded price. The FRESH button will refresh the information for you.
  • The selection of instruments from the above list, based on your interest, with subsequent clicking on the SELECT button, will result in creating your potential investment portfolio.
  • A click on one of the instruments, selected by you, will show you the currently valid offers, arranged by type – buy, sell with the respective volume of lots and the specific price. The arrangement is descending for “buy” offers and ascending for “sell” offers. The stating of an average “buy” and “sell” price and a total amount of made buy and sell offers will give you the chance to assess investment intentions as of the respective moment.

3. „Order for trade on BSE” – from here you may submit your order, having considered your investment capacities and desires, as follows:

  • By marking whether the order is for purchase or sale
  • By marking the type of order, and namely:

    Limit order – you will state: the highest price acceptable to you for purchase or the lowest price acceptable to you upon sale.

    Market order – the order will be executed at the prices of the BSE offers at the moment of its entering.

    Iceberg order – a limit order valid for the day, characterized with a total volume and a peak volume. At any time only the residual portion of the peak volume is visible in the system.

    - The total volume of an iceberg order is minimum 1 000 (one thousand) pieces of financial instruments.

    - The peak volume is minimum 5 (five) percent of the total iceberg order volume, but not less than 100 (hundred) pieces of the respective financial instrument.

  • By marking the order validity, as follows:

    Good 'Till Cancelled (GTC) – the order is valid till the moment when you cancel it (in case no deal has been concluded).

    Good 'Till Date (GTD) – the order is valid by the date you have specified.

    Good for Day (GD) – valid for one stock exchange trading session
  • You have to enter the stock exchange code of the financial instrument, traded by you
  • If the order you submit is a limit one, a price needs to be specified
  • You should always indicate the number of the instruments, traded by you
  • The order confirmation is possible only after cancellation of all items under the Declarations pursuant to Ordinance 38

Our brokers will enter the order, submitted by you, in the BSE trading system, after:

  • Blocking of funds in your account with UBB AD upon a purchase order
  • Checking for securities’ availability upon a sale order.

4. Active orders – orders that have been submitted by you, confirmed by UBB AD and entered for execution in the BSE trading system. These orders may be changed by you, in case they have not yet been executed on the BSE. Upon submitting an Order Cancellation Request your investment order will be removed from the BSE trading system, in case still pending.

5. All orders – the orders, submitted by you over a specified period.

6. Concluded deals – all deals, which conclusion is based on your orders, that is, all executed orders of yours over a specified period.

7. Charts – we provide you with the opportunity to monitor the market trend over a specific period in chart mode.

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