United for you

General information

Announcement to the creditors and clients of CIBANK JSC, Company ID 831686320 and UNITED BULGARIAN BANK AD, Company ID 000694959

Dear clients and partners,

It is our pleasure to inform you that having obtained the needed permit from the BNB on 05.02.2018 the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency has officially entered the reorganization of CIBANK JSC through merger into UNITED BULGARIAN BANK AD.

From this date onwards all rights and obligations of CIBAK JSC have been transferred to UNITED BULGARIAN BANK AD in the latter’s capacity as universal successor, with which the process of CIBANK’s merger into UBB has been finalized. By virtue of this change the clients of CIBANK JSC become clients of UNITED BULGARIAN BANK AD.

After the reorganization UBB becomes one of the largest banks in Bulgaria, with assets exceeding BGN 11 billion, an ever larger branch network throughout the country and a wide range of products and services, focused on servicing individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The United Bank will also take advantage of the support of the international banking group КBC.

More information about forthcoming changes, impacting both banks’ clients, is available in Questions & Answers section.

Questions & answers

1. We are having a united bank. Am I expected to do something?

No, you are not expected to do anything. At this stage the change will not affect the terms and conditions of your products and services negotiated in your agreements with the Bank. You will continue using these in your electronic and mobile banking and at your current servicing branches.

2. I am a client of CIBANK/UBB. Will I obtain services in the entire branch network of the united bank?

Over the first months of the legal merger you will continue to obtain services at the branches you have visited by now. Information of these branches is available at https://www.ubb.bg/offices/. There you will also find info on the branches already collocated. Quite soon you will get the full variety of services on the territory of the entire branch network of the united bank. Related information will be posted on the corporate web site https://www.ubb.bg/unitedforyou.

3. Will be there change in the terms and conditions (interests, fees and commissions) linked to the products I am a client of?

The interests on your credit products remain unchanged. Possible changes are introduced in compliance with the conditions of your agreement with the Bank. Additionally, the Bank is legally entitled to inform its individual clients two months ahead of any changes occurring to their general terms, interest tariffs as well as fees and commissions tariffs. This information is posted here.

4. Do I need to change my debit/credit card plastics?

You don’t need to change your debit/credit card plastics. The latter will be automatically changed immediately before its expiry date, of which you will be notified.  

5. Will ATM cash withdrawal fees change?

We have already equalized the ATM UBB and CIBANK cash withdrawal fees. Besides, the clients of the united bank are having equal terms when withdrawing cash at ATMs of other financial institutions. Details are available in the fees and commissions tariff here and here.

6. Is CIBANK contact center phone number applicable?

For your convenience, telephone number 0 700 1 4554 will be preserved for a certain time period. During the merger you will be able to obtain information and assistance also by dialing 0 700 1 1717 (or *7171).

7. Will my e-banking change?

For UBB clients nothing changes in the e-banking system.
Clients of CIBANK will obtain access to the new e-banking in the months to follow. Detailed work instructions have been envisaged that need to be followed.
Till this moment they will continue to access the e-banking platform “CIBANK Online” with no changes to the instruments for secure access and the functionalities.

8. What are the changes in the Utility bill payments via Cibank Online and Cibank Mobile?

After the date of the legal merger, as an active subscriber to utility bill payments in CIBANK Online/ CIBANK Mobile, you will continue to receive email notifications of due amounts, as so far, as the sender of e-notifications will be UBB. There will be no changes in the subscription number, deadlines and manner of payment. You will be able to make subscriptions for new payments or changes in existing subscriptions, as so far.

9. What will be the changes in the e-notifications?

If you are a client of UBB, there will be no changes for you.
If you are a client of CIBANK, after the date of the legal merger, as an active subscriber to e-notifications in CIBANK platform you will continue to receive SMS or e-mail notifications according to the current practice. The SMS and e-mail notifications you receive will be signed by the united bank - UBB.

10. Will my deposits in the former CIBANK and in UBB be guaranteed?

In view of the merger of CIBANK JSC into United Bulgarian Bank AD, the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund guarantees the deposits separately in each of CIBANK JSC and United Bulgarian Bank AD for a period of six months as of 05 February 2018, the date when the transformation was registered in the Commercial Register. After this period expires, the deposits in CIBANK JSC and in United Bulgarian Bank AD made by an individual or legal entity prior to the transformation shall be summed, for the purposes of the guarantee, up to BGN 196 000 along with the accrued interest. For more information please check here.