First draw of winners in UPAY - MasterCard joint game (more)

UPAY gives away 32 tablets to clients, who have paid their utility bills through the payment gateway (more)

2015-2016 Bulgarian Christmas Initiative Re-launch (more)

Today BNB presented a new circulation coin of 2 levs nominal value, issue 2015 (more)

Online deposit and account opening (more)

New service for credit card holders     (more)

UBB and the National Museum of Natural History with a new cognitive game, dedicated to Bulgaria’s plants (more)

UPAY Gateway and UBB challenge their Facebook fans (more)

Newly-Drawn Winners in UBB-Visa Joint Game (more)

Time Deposit Opening - Now in UBB e-banking (more)

A special video shows the convenience of bill payment via UPAY gateway (more)

The winners in the recent draw of the game by UBB and Visa are already known (more)

UBB offers new mortgage loans for refinancing purposes, without charging application and approval fees (more)

UPAY has newly added over 200 utility companies (more)

World Smile Day on Facebook in a contest, organized by UBB and Lilly Drogerie (more)

UBB gave away the first lot of prizes in the joint game with Visa (more)

UBB Dobrich branch working hours on September 25, 2015 (more)

UBB’s working hours during the holidays on the occasion of Bulgaria’s Independence Day – September 22 (more)

UBB Silistra branch working hours on September 14, 2015 (more)

UBB’s working hours on September 12, 2015 (more)

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