UBB credit cards of Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold brands

Credit Cards of Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold brands from UBB - a golden opportunity to combine safety, convenience and prestige into one.

Special offers

Take advantage of our special offers for discounts as a holder of Gold Credit Cards VISA and MasterCard® from UBB!

  • TIMELAND - 15 %*
  • EUROOPTIC - 22 %*
  • OPTICLASA - 20 %*

* Discounts will be made available at the merchant’s locations and will be applicable only to regularly priced products. The offer excludes seasonal sale campaigns or combinations of other discounts and promotions.

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Advantages of UBB gold credit cards

UBB Gold Credit Card is a symbol of high standard and a guarantee that any time you wish to combine travel and purchases, or when you are having an important business dinner, or you are on a family vacation, or you want to impress the people around, or bring joy into the life of your beloved ones, you will get simply and solely the best:  
UBB Gold Credit Card (Visa Gold or MasterCard Gold) is a special card also because:

  • it goes with additional preferential conditions and you have the opportunity to make the most of various special proposals.
  • it is a reliable travel companion with a special free-of-charge Travel Abroad insurance and no fee for purchases worldwide.
  • it enables your participation in the UWIN bonus-based loyalty program;
  • UBB offers modern on-line services to its cardholders through the Bank’s UPAY gateway at www.ubbpay.bg.

Insurance under the UBB Gold Credit Card

Since UBB Gold credit card has been created to meet the highest of your requirements, especially to gold cardholders UBB offers gratuitous  Travel Abroad and Bank Card and Documents insurance package with a wide range of the insurance cover.

Insurance CoverageInsurance benefit
Coverage for Travel AbroadEuro
Accidental Death- Common Carrier85 000
Accidental Death- Other causes85 000
Permanent Total Disablement due to Accident85 000

Emergency Medical Expenses due to Accident


85 000


Emergancy Medical Expences due to Sickness


80 000


Emergency dental treatment1 000
Personal Liability – Property damage5 000
Personal Liability- 3rd party bodily injury5 000

Loss of Baggage

Limit per bag



Baggage Delay (more then 6 hours, after the destination is reached)200
Medical Transportation10 000
Repatriation of bodily remains5 000
Reimbursement of coffin expenses1 000
Emergency Travel of Child1 000
Emergency Travel of Family Member500
Bail Bond due to car accident2 000
Legal Expencses due to car accident5 000

Flight Delay after the 4th hour

 Limit Per Hour



Hijacking –vehicle
For 6 consecutive hours


Max. 5 000
5 000

2 hours

Gold Protection Insurance
Misuse of a lost /stolen card300 per card
Lost/stolen documents and/or keys together with the card150 cumulative per card
Purchase protection (additional protection)1 000 cumulative per card

General terms and useful tips

To get the most out of our services we offer you to consult Useful Documents Section and get acquainted with the updated:

  • General Terms on Payment Services for Individuals;
  • Terms and Conditions for PIN Code Safeguarding Diligence;
  • The Terms and Conditions for Utilizing an Approved Credit Limit;

Full archive of documents is available at  www.ubb.bg/obshti_uslovia_za_inidividualni_klienti

Product parameters



Validity Period

2 years




  • Minimum credit limit BGN 5 000
  • Maximum credit limit BGN 30 000

Interest rate

  • 13.250%  - upon purchase
  • 15.250% - upon cash withdrawal*

*Annual Percentage Rate: 24.76  calculated upon:

1) a credit limit of BGN 10 000, fully drawn down through a cash withdrawal at UBB ATMs upon annual interest rate of 15,360%;

2) Cash withdrawal fee - 3% of the transaction value, minimum BGN 4;

3) loan period: 12 months;

4) Total amount due by the client: BGN 11 205.16

Transaction Limits

  • Purchases – 100% of the approved credit limit amount
  • Cash withdrawal – standard limit, equaling 50% of the approved credit limit amount.
  • Number of transactions – 50 per week

Liability Repayment Period

14 days after the account statement date


  • Automatically from an account (an account in BGN, opened with UBB);
  • Through a fund transfer from an account at a bank’s branch or through UBB e-banking;
  • Through cash installments at a branch or at specific UBB ATMs;
  • Via the Call Center - 0700 117 17;
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