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UBB's working hours during New Year’s holidays


28 Decempber 2016

Dear clients,

This is to inform you that on 30.12.2016 the Bank’s branches will be rendering services to clients until 03:00 PM, excluding State Budget-related debit operations.

Fund transfers in BGN and foreign currency will be accepted for processing via e-banking with value date 30.12.2016, as follows:

  • The cut-off time for receiving BGN transfer orders is:
    • 02:45 PM for interbank transfers (BISERA and RINGS);
    • 02:45 PM for transfers from and to an account within the UBB network.

All transfers, ordered after the above stated hours, will be effected on 03.01.2017.

During New Year’s holidays (31.12.2016 – 02.01.2017) UBB branches will not be operating. Our Call Centre will be at your disposal on 31.12.2016 for queries from 09:00 AM until 05:00 PM at the following telephone numbers: 0700 117 17 and *7171 (for subscribers of Bulgarian mobile network operators) and +3592 483 1717 (for international calls).

Upon need to block either a lost or a stolen card you can call the above stated telephone numbers anytime. Users of UBB’s e-banking or the mobile banking application UMobile, can utilize the card block/activate option at any time.

For non-urgent queries you can reach us via our feedback form.

On 03.01.2017 (Tuesday) our branches, as well as our Call Centre, will operate within their routine business hours. We remind you that during the non-business days you can perform operations with your bank cards at all ATMs and POS terminals in the commercial network, as well as upon online purchases and payments.

Wishing you cheerful celebration of the New Year 2017,

UBB Team

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