UBB Mobile - mobile banking

Fast, secure and convenient banking on the go.


UBB Mobile is a specialized application for mobile devices - mobile phones and tablets - operating on Android and iOS. This application aims at effecting main active and passive banking operations by individuals, as well as obtaining general banking information.

Where to download UBB Mobile from?


All you need is a mobile phone on Android 4.4 (or a higher version) or such, operating on iOS 9.

How to use UBB Mobile?

  • If you are an individual client of UBB and you have a user name and a password for the UBB online banking, after activation and login to the application you will get in real time your mobile banking functionality, UBB Mobile.

  • If you still do not have online banking, you can register for UBB Online at the following address: https://ebb.ubb.bg/ebankreg

  • You can access UBB Mobile through your fingerprint or by entering a PIN Code.


 With UBB Mobile you bank on the go – in an easy, fast and secure manner. 24/7, without access restrictions you are able to:

  • Select how to access the application - via a fingerprint or a PIN code. The application also maintains direct links to the online registration and setting a new login password.

  • You can make fund transfers to own or other persons’ accounts.

  • You use an embedded software token (generator of one-time codes for more secure payments).

  • You use QR technology for signing.

  • You defer purchases with UBB credit cards into 3, 6, 9 and 12 months without interest.

  • You effect banking operations 24/7.

  • You review and filter information on account movements. Accounts menu provides you with up-to-date information in real time, showing the IBAN, currency, account type and disposable balance.

  • You obtain information on credit cards in real time:
    o Issued card type;
    o Account balance;
    o Account currency;
    o Option to quickly access the accumulated Uwin bonus.

  • You transfer funds and make payments without pre-set templates.

  • State Budget fund transfers and payments.

  • The application contains most recent information about:
    o Locations of ATMs and branches;
    o Online and teller desk exchange rates. There is also a functionality for cross rates between various currencies, as well as an FX calculator;
    o Contact with the Bank. Enables fast connection via telephone, as well as a follow option in the various social media;
    o Frequently Asked Questions;
    o Security Recommendations
    o General Terms.

  • The application visualizes the Bank’s bonusing programme – UWIN.
  • Supports an embedded demo version.
  • Easy account number (IBAN) sharing.
  • Easy and quick bankcards’ blocking and activation, unlimited number of times.
  • The application has embedded shortcuts for the most frequently used banking operations.




UBB Mobile complies with the cutting edge security requirements. Its link to the banking systems is being effected via a protected channel and does not allow for modifying the exchanged data – i.e. guarantees the privacy of your personal and banking data.

The security of UBB Mobile has been ensured through:

  • Entering a user name.
  • Entering a password (known only to you).
  • Use of a software token (embedded in the mobile app).
  • Use of a Touch ID (fingerprint).
  • Additionally you add a login code or a fingerprint to use the smartphone.

The application users may at any time change the preferred by them profile login manner.

Upon a lost mobile phone users may call 0700 117 17 to block their access temporarily.

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