UBB guarantees its clients secure card payments in Internet

    • „UBB 3-D Secure: Secure payment with card in Internet” protects UBB cardholders against fraudulent transactions in Internet 

    • UBB opens for payment in Internet its Visa Electron cards


In order to provide yet more security to its cardholders, United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) launches a new service to its clients – “UBB 3-D Secure” or „Secure payment with card in Internet”. With its new service for client authentication in Internet, the bank adds one more measure to its care for the security of the payments, made by its more than 1 000 000 clients, holding a card issued by UBB.  

Concurrently with the launch of the new service, UBB opens for Internet transactions its Visa Electron branded cards. 

“UBB 3-D Secure” is an implementation from UBB of the client authentication schemes “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode” of the international card organizations VISA and MasterCard.  

In this scheme, cardholder authentication is achieved through exchange of secret information (password or secure code), by which the cardholder can be uniquely identified by its card Issuer. The Issuer then confirms this identity to the merchant.

The benefit from the service for the bank’s cardholders is a possibility to authenticate during each transaction in Internet, leading to better fraud protection, provided by the following methods:

  • Payment to merchant registered for “Verified by Visa” / “MasterCard SecureCode” – protection from unauthorized transactions attempted with stolen card data. In this case the transaction cannot be completed without knowledge of the authentication password.
  •  Payment to merchant not registered for “Verified by Visa” / “MasterCard SecureCode” – chargeback rights for dispute of accepted unauthorized transactions with stolen card data. In this case the responsibility for the unauthorized payment is shifted to the merchant, and not to the cardholder.

The Authentication Page, in which the cardholder enters his password, is displayed on a different screen if both cardholder and merchant participate in the authentication service.

The registration for UBB 3-D Secure”is quite easy and fast – you don’t need to walk to a bank’s office, but just fill in an online form at the registration website for the service, accessible through the corporate website of UBB.

Registration for the service is available in both Bulgarian and English languages, and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. The bank also provides its clients with means for subsequent self-management of their own registration – password change, status change, changes review, etc.

„UBB 3-D Secure: Secure payment with card in Internet” is open for participation from all UBB card products – VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro.