UBB's working hours during Christmas and New Year’s holidays (more)

New merchant-partner under the U WIN program (more)

Amendments in the Interest Rates of Open account effective from 15 January 2014 (more)

Partnership between Prenatest and UBB offers affordable deferment of medical service payment (more)

UBB will present its clients with devices for secure online banking (more)

UBB bonus campaign for all credit card purchases at petrol stations throughout Bulgaria (more)

New merchant partners under the UWIN program (more)

A real Siberian tiger is now part of the exhibition of The National Museum of Natural History thanks to UBB (more)

Special cashback bonus up to BGN 500 for all new mortgage loans prior to the year end (more)

UBB AD and National Geographic Magazine Bulgaria awarded an astronomer from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (more)

Amendments in the Interest Rates of accounts of individuals from 30 November 2013 (more)

UBB with 20 new ATMs accepting cash installments (more)

BRAIN GAMES comes to Bulgaria with the support of United Bulgarian Bank (more)

UBB working time from 6 till 8 September 2013 (more)

UBB AD supports the Stage at the Crossroads International Festival (more)

UBB awards Kamen Donev at Apollonia Festival of Arts (more)

The WORLD REFRAMED IN A FLAG photo contest closed (more)

Promotional campaign for newly issued VISA credit cards from UBB (more)

Amendments in the Interest Rates of Open account effective from 14 October 2013 (more)

UBB and EBRD have signed 4 new agreements in support of businesses and households (more)

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