Open deposit

Open Deposit allows you to withdraw and deposit amounts on any day of the month, without losing the accrued interest.


Now you can choose!

  • You can do this at any UBB branch throughout the country, as well as through the Bank's e-banking system. (
  • No minimum opening balance is required .
  • It's up to you to select the interest receipt period - each  1,3,6 or 12 month!
  • Open deposit in BGN and EUR  upon preferential terms and conditions for your children as well!

With the Open Deposit you may:

  • withdraw and deposit money on any date of the month.
  • receive and send fund transfers in Bulgaria and abroad


Period: Unspecified

Currency: BGN, EUR, USD

Minimum opening balance - none

Minimum accrual threshold - BGN 3000; EUR 1500 or USD 1500

Make your choice and the interest may:

  • be added to the initially deposited amount;
  • be transferred to another account;
  • be withdrawn in cash.

Depositing: at any time without limits

Withdrawing: No limit. Each month you are entitled to two withdrawals or transfers upon standard terms and conditions and every subsequent withdrawal or transfer shall be charged a fee of BGN 10.

Documents, needed for account opening: Identity document

The Open Deposit is equivalent to the Open Account product, offered by 23.05.2015


Open deposit
Interest payment frequency 1 month3 months 6 months 12 months
Child Open deposit
Interest payment frequency3 months6 months12 months

Interest payment: The interest will be accrued and paid according to the table above and the stated therein effective annual interest rates.
Irrespective of the specific date of signing the “Open deposit” agreement, the payment of the respective interest will be made as follows:

  • Upon a 1-month payment frequency – on the last calendar day of the month;
  • Upon a 3-month payment frequency – on 31 March; 30 June; 30 September and 31 December;
  • Upon a 6-month payment frequency – on 30 June and 31 December;
  • Upon a 12-month payment frequency – on 31 December."

If the deposit’s amount decreases below BGN 3000, or below 1500 currency units for deposits in EUR and USD, the accrued interest amount will be as per UBB AD’s Interest Rates Tariff for Individual Clients.

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