Comfort Package

It is designed for all clients, who receive their remuneration in a Comfort Account with UBB


Comfort Package ensures:

  • Autonomy and ease in daily banking
  • One, package-based, monthly fee/minimum costs
  • SMS/e-mail notification option
  • Access to recent information via e-banking
  • Option for adding products and services upon special terms


Comfort Package is your choice of:

A Comfort current account in BGN for payroll purposes:

  • No fees for opening, monthly maintenance and closing

A contactless debit card of Debit MasterCard® brand: A debit card of a higher class, covering all innovative contactless and standard means of payment, as well as cash withdrawal options. Debit MasterCard® can be used for booking hotels, renting cars, buying airplane tickets and other operations, so far accessible through credit cards only.

  • No fee for cash withdrawal at UBB ATMs in Bulgaria;
  • No fee for debit card issuing;
  • No fee for payments in Bulgaria and abroad.

E-banking: This service enables the effecting of fast and convenient operations, obtaining bank account and card statements, paying taxes, utility bills etc.

  • No fee for registration and utilization.

Utility billspayment: The easiest and cheapest way of paying your monthly bills for electricity, water, central heating, telephone, cable and digital television, Internet etc., without visiting a branch of the Bank or a cash desk of the respective company.

  • No monthly maintenance fee, nor payment fee.

The terms and conditions are applicable to Comfort Package agreements concluded with individuals following 06.06.2016.


Additional products and services

  • Overdraft, secured with a pledge of future receivables – no credit assessment fee;
  • Special offer for a 12-month term deposit in BGN, EUR or USD


The above-offered terms and conditions for the products and services are valid only upon signing an Agreement for a Comfort package of banking products and services for individuals.

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