Energy Efficiency Consumer Loan

Dear clients,

Please, be informed that the new Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL) programme of UBB  is valid until 31 August 2019.



Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line creates an opportunity for households or an association of apartment owners throughout the country to benefit from energy efficiency advantages and obtain ad hoc loan and gratuitous financial aid enabling investments in energy saving technologies enhancing residential energy efficiency and reducing water heating or electricity costs. Loan is granted within residential energy efficiency programme launched by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  



  • 15% grant with a loan on house-level (one or two family house)
  • 15% grant with a loan on multifamily building-level*

* Multifamily building is a building with minimum three individual dwellings.

Product parameters

Currency: BGN

Total amount: from BGN 500 up to BGN 55 000*


  • For amounts up to BGN 10 000 – maximum period of 5 years
  • For amounts from BGN 10 000 up to 35 000 – maximum period of 10 years
  • For amounts over BGN 35 000 - 7 years


Interest rates:

  • 7.5% fixed interest rate
  • Loan application fee – BGN 30.00
  • Credit assessment fee (payable once for the approved amount) - according to the current Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individual Clients
  • Fee for loan prepayment - according to the current Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individual Clients
  • Opportunity for activating the Loan Protection Life Insurance Program


Annual Percentage Rate:

(1)   Concerning a loan of BGN 20 000 over a period of 120 months, with a fixed interest rate of 7.500% - the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 8.49% for the entire period, fees included. Monthly instalment: BGN 237.40. Total amount due: BGN 29 068.42.

(2)   After payment of the 20% aid (at the end of the first month of the loan disbursement), the loan principal shall equal BGN 16 000, upon maintaining the 120-month tenor, respectively the remaining period shall be 119 months and the amount of the monthly instalment shall be BGN 191. with total due amount: BGN 23 306.06.


*For loans over BGN 35 000, a net income of more than BGN 1 200 is required. The maximum amount of the loan is determined on the basis of the client's individual profile, according to the Bank's requirements.


Main steps

How Can I apply for an Energy Efficiency Consumer Loan?

    • STEPS:

      Step 1:

      1. Choose equipment/materials/energy efficiency improvement activity for building retrofits or an investment loan for new builds energy class B+ or A
      2. Choose the supplying company
      3. Obtain a tentative offer/proforma invoice with a detailed description of the equipment.

      Step 2:

      1. Go to a UBB branch
      2. Fill in an application form for a loan under the Energy Efficiency Programme.
      3. Enclose:

      o    For building retrofits:

      • For houses - the original offer/ proforma invoice, issued, signed and stamped by the supplying company (the merchant), design/layout and Total Value of Construction Works.
      • For multifamily building – offer by eligible suppler, Resolution by the General Meeting of Apartment Owners, Record for cost distribution among apartment owners, conceptual design basis for the offer.

      o   For new builds

      • For houses and multifamily buildings – construction authorization, investment project, certificate of project’s energy parameters.

      Step 3:

      1. Within 5 business days we will reply to you, as to:                                     

      -       Whether you have been approved to obtain a loan

      -       Whether the equipment you have chosen meets the Programme requirements

      1. Time for review and answer to loan application is 5 days solely if all documents have been duly filled in and the supplier company is a registered partner under the REECL Program (Programme’s site http:// In the remaining cases time for loan review increases proportionately to the necessary document correction time while upon need of registration of a new supplier as partner under the Programme increase depends on the registration time of the supplier company.
      2. Upon a positive reply you will be granted an Energy Efficiency Loan and you may apply for a gratuitous aid after project completion.
      3. In case that the equipment you have chosen does not meet Programme requirements, you may:

      - Either change your initial offer and apply again under the project with eligible equipment;

      - Obtain financing, in accordance with the standard consumer loan terms and conditions for your selected equipment. (In this case you will not have the opportunity to apply later and receive gratuitous aid.)

      Step 4:

      1. Take a Gratuitous Aid Request form from UBB branch
      2. Submit a Gratuitous Aid Request

      o    not later than 4 months of your loan agreement date

      o    another term under the REECL upon application (valid only upon financing building retrofits and cannot be later than 31.08.2019г).

      o    Enclose:

      • For building retrofits – Completion Certificate signed and stamped by the company (a sample is available at a UBB branch or download it at www.ubb.), original invoice, payment slip/copy of payment document evidencing payment
      • For new builds – Completion Certificate, issued pursuant to Bulgarian legislation, Technical Passport issued pursuant to Bulgarian legislation, Energy Performance Certificate of the Building, issued pursuant to Bulgarian legislation.  

      o    An independent consultant under the project will check your documents and may visit you on site.  

      o    Within 20 business days after submitting your documents, you will receive a reply, concerning the approved gratuitous aid.

Additional Conditions

Eligible energy efficiency activities:

  1. Windows and window frames
  2. Wall/roof and floor/ceiling insulation*
  3. Thermo-pump systems
  4. Biomass-fuelled heaters: boilers and stoves*
  5. Solar water-heating system*
  6. Gas heaters and/or installations for dwelling gas supply*
  7. Heat exchanger stations and building-level heating installations
  8. Photovoltaic systems
  9. Lifts
  10. Recuperative ventilation systems

*Partial thermal insulation of external elements of multi-family buildings is not eligible. Apartment heating systems (sun collector, gas boiler/convector, boiler/fireplace burning biomass) in a multi-family building that has been supplied with thermal energy (central or local) by the thermal power supplying company are not eligible.

1. An individual may use more than one Energy Efficiency loan for energy efficient activities in dwellings/buildings at different addresses, even in the cases where two identical activities are being performed.

2. An individual may apply for a loan only for an activity that has not been performed regarding the relevant dwelling, at the same address, within the Energy Efficiency Programme.  

3. An individual may apply for Energy Efficiency loan for building retrofits on house-level only if there is a supply and installation of at least two Eligible Energy Efficient Measures in legally registered existing house.  

4. An individual may apply for Energy Efficiency loan for building retrofits on multi-family dwelling level if there is a supply and installation of Eligible Energy Efficient Measures conducted within at least three individual dwellings, with available approved Project File* of energy efficient repairs of the whole legally registered existing multi-family dwelling.  

*Project File of energy efficient repairs includes conceptual design, specification, quotation and cost distribution agreement among apartment owners. It should be approved with a resolution of the General Meeting of Apartment Owners.

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