Other mortgage loan types

Choosing a mortgage loan might prove a task, equally difficult as selecting the right property.

Why choose UBB?

  • Special products and promotional conditions: UBB offers you promotional interest rates in BGN and EUR and special products to meet your needs
  • Personal treatment and assistance: You can rely on professional servicing and personal treatment and commitment by each UBB branch network representative. Our experts will provide you with useful tips and assistance throughout the entire process of obtaining a mortgage loan – from the initial survey as to which loan is the most suitable for you, till the stage of utilizing the funds you need.
  • Large network in the entire country: UBB will service you in over 200 branches and offices all over the country, where you could receive preferential conditions and consultations. Furthermore, the Bank has established long-standing relations with a large number of leading real estate agencies and external credit consultants, and you can be facilitated in your choice and the credit process


Refinancing with UBB of a mortgage loan from another bank


Choice between a fixed interest rate for the first 3 years in BGN and a floating interest rate in BGN and EUR


  • Future interest discount of 1% of the loan amount (up to BGN 500) for disbursed mortgage loans until 31.12.2017
  • No application fee
  • No credit assessment fee
  • No fee for preparing a legal opinion and representation of the bank upon establishing a mortgage
  • Option to receive additional funds
  • Option to consolidate other credit liabilities with the refinanced mortgage loan

Future interest discount of 1% of the loan amount (up to BGN 500): The offer is valid for all disbursed mortgage loans until 31.12.2017. The Bank will remit 1% of the disbursed loan amount to the client accounts, servicing the loans, thus giving future interest discount up to BGN 500.

*Full product information is available at any UBB branch and tel.: 0700 117 17 and *7171.

Our UBanker Programme

To us financing your new home is much more than a matter of interests and principal. So, we have introduced UBanker, our newest programme - to facilitate your applying for a mortgage loan of your choice. If you wish, a Bank’s official, acting as your personal UBanker, will be right there to help you at this major milestone – a new home purchase. Our professional consultation, delivered personally to you at a place and time that suits you best, is a tool for making the perfect decision.


How is your UBanker going to help? By creating for you a stable financial pillar of your new home and assisting you to:

  • Structure together your family planning and future;
  • Determine the financing you need;
  • Design the individual plan for financing your real property;
  • Guide you through the whole lending procedure, while standing by your side.


How can you meet your UBB UBanker:

  • By calling:

For Sofia city:

Ms. Mihaela Darakchieva +359 2 8112466; +359 884301591.

Ms. Boyka Ivanova +359 2 8112467; +359 884101124.

Mr. Georgi Kanaykov +359 2 8112468; +359 885656977.


For Varna town:

Ms. Violeta Ivanova +359 52 688961; +359 988929291.  

  • By e-mailing: UBanker@ubb.bg


The UBanker service is offered for free in Sofia city and Varna town. The entire information, as well as all documents, delivered by you in your communication with the UBanker, remains strictly confidential.

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