Mastercard and Visa International Credit Cards by UBB AD

Experience day-to-day financial freedom and convenience with credit cards of VISA and MasterCard brands by UBB AD.


To all our cardholders we offer:

  • Credit cards with no fees for purchases worldwide. 
  • UWIN bonus-based loyalty program
  • Option for an interest-free grace period of up to 55 days for made purchases (upon full repayment of the total due amount as per the last account statement);
  • Option for purchases in equal interest-free installments at specific merchants-partners of UBB AD.
  • Free-of-charge and easy access to monthly accounts statements through UPAY, the new e-gateway, at
  • SMS message upon each transaction exceeding BGN 100, as well as free-of-charge SMS notification for monthly due amounts and repayment deadlines;
  • Option for additional free-of-charge protection against fraudulent transactions on the Internet - UBB 3-D Secure;
  • Visa and MasterCard Cash Back – a service, through which you can obtain cash with your cards of VISA or Debit MasterCard brand at cash register points in supermarkets, commercial sites or petrol stations, while shopping. 

Take advantage of our credit card offer:

  • No application fee.
  • 50% discount from the standard annual maintenance fee for the following year to all clients, actively using their cards.*

      *Discount from the annual fee for the next year will be available for all clients, who have made a minimum of 24 purchases during the period between accrual of 2 annual fees and have no past due payables.

Deferral of credit card purchases in equal monthly installments

UBB gives its clients the opportunity to pay in monthly installments for their purchases, made with a credit card.

The payment of each accounted purchase, exceeding BGN 100 and made with your credit card, can be deferred in 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly installments.

The purchase should be made after the recent account statement's date and prior to the date of the next one, while the defferal should be made before any repayment.

You can do it by just a few clicks in UBB Mobile, in e-banking, or phone our UBB Call Center 0700 117 17. 

There will be no surcharge for purchases, deferred via UBB’s new service. You will only pay a fee, as per UBB’s Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individual Clients.


Thorough information on the new service is available in the appended Terms and conditions for deferral of credit card purchases in equal monthly installments.




Contactless credit card payments

For more convenient and fast credit card payments, UBB offers to its clients contactless credit cards of the MasterCard Standard brand.

The biggest advantage when making a contactless payment is that the card stays in your hands all the time, so that you have better control over the shopping process. A contactless card payment may be effected by approaching the card to the contactless POS terminal. The security of the fund transfer is guaranteed by the card’s high-protection chip and also by the adopted contactless and PIN-less payment limit of BGN 25. Contactless payments exceeding this sum require entering a PIN code.

The contactless MasterCard Standard credit cards by UBB also cover all standard payment methods, as well as cash withdrawal. You may use them when paying in shops, restaurants, petrol stations and numerous other sites, free of charge in both Bulgaria, as well as abroad.

You can read the attractive terms for credit cards in "Product parameters" section. Don’t hesitate to bring more convenience into your everyday life!

Product Parameters

Validity Period2 years
  • Minimum credit limit BGN 1 000
  • Maximum credit limit BGN 10 000
Interest rate
  • 16.90%  - upon purchase
  • 18.90% - upon cash withdrawal*

*Annual Percentage Rate: 29.07  calculated upon:

1) a credit limit of BGN 5 000, fully drawn down through a cash withdrawal at UBB ATMs upon annual interest rate of 18,90%;
2) Cash withdrawal fee - 3% of the transaction value, minimum BGN 4;
3) loan period: 12 months;
4) Total amount due by the client: BGN 5 700.53
Transaction Limits
  • Purchases – 100% of the approved credit limit amount
  • Cash withdrawal – standard limit, equaling 50% of the approved credit limit amount.
  • Number of transactions – 50 per week
Liability Repayment Period24 days after the account statement date
  • Automatically from an account (an account in BGN, opened with UBB);
  • Through a fund transfer from an account at a bank’s branch or through UBB e-banking;
  • Through cash installments at a branch or at specific UBB ATMs;
  • Via the Customer Service Center - 0700 117 17;
Or give us a call
0700 117 17
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+3592 483 1717
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