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UBB to enter the contactless payments market


15 April 2015

  • WiththenewcontactlessDebit MasterCard® clientsmayshopeven much fasterandmoresecureinBulgariaandabroad  

New debit cards with contactless functionality have been launched by UBB for all clients of the Bank. Thus, UBB officially joined the market of contactless payments while providing its cardholders with the opportunity to make fast and secure domestic and international payments both in retail stores and via Internet.     

Debit MasterCard® is a higher class card covering all standard payment and cash withdrawal methods that is tailored to the needs of UBB individual and business clients.




Debit MasterCard®

World Debit MasterCard®


Debit MasterCard® Business



Standard contactless card for individual clients

A higher-class card offering extra bonuses*

A card for UBB business clients



The main advantage of Debit MasterCard® is that it could be used for hotel booking, renting cars, buying airline tickets and other operations previously accessible through credit cards only.

More about the contactless technology

  • Contactless technology enables payments of maximum BGN 25.00 within the country by only approaching the card to a contactless POS device while no PIN verification is required. Thus, the card is always in a client’s possession and his/her security - guaranteed.
  • Contactless payments are protected payments and they use the same security technology through chip-reading terminals and PIN validation.
  • Further convenience of a contactless card payment with Debit MasterCard® of smaller and larger amounts is that the card never leaves a client’s hands and now he/she exercises larger control while shopping.

Contactless payments – how and where?

  • Contactless payments are made with cards, bearing the symbol, appearing also on the new UBB Debit MasterCard®.
  • Contactless payments of small and larger amounts can be made at POS terminals in Bulgaria and abroad, bearing any of the following symbols for accepting this type of transactions:


  • All the client has to do is inform the merchant that he/she will make a contactless payment and then approach and hold the card close to the device, as designated (approx.. 2-3 cm.) until the terminal confirms the payment via a sound and light signal. A PIN code should be entered, if required by the terminal. POS-terminals, non-supporting contactless technology, enable standard payments – via reading chip or magnetic stripe data, upon inserting the card in the card reader.

What makes UBB Debit MasterCard® so special?

  • No fee for payments by individual clients holders of UBB Debit MasterCard® in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as for card issuance.
  • Additional protection of payments via Internet with the free-of-charge UBB 3-D Secure service.
  • Option for depositing cash with designated UBB ATMs.
  • Option for payment of utility bills with the card and free-of-charge and easy access to your monthly account history on the bank’s e-gateway  (ubbpay.bg)
  • Free-of-charge SMS notifications for each transaction over BGN 100.

* World Debit MasterCard® offers some extra bonuses when you travel abroad provided by famous hotel chains, rent-a-car companies, bars and diners etc., plus gratuitous insurance when travelling abroad (gratuitous medical aid and insurance protection in case of over 10 type of insurance events), an option for bonus accumulation within UBB Loyalty Programme UWIN and much more.    

Further details about the advantages of Debit MasterCard® are available both on UBB corporate site and on the territory of the Bank’s branch network.  

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