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UBB supported Atelier performance during the Anniversary Edition of the Stage at Crossroads Festival


29 September 2016

UBB acted as patron of Atelier - stage production of Zoyka’s Apartment play by Mikhail Bulgakov - a symbiotic performance of first-year students of the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts together with the academy’s graduates, mentored by Prof. Stefan Danailov. The founder and artistic director of the Stage at Crossroads Festival stirred up the audience’s emotions with the ceremony of passing on the torch from graduates to freshmen, crossing the Academy’s doorstep this autumn.    

The motto of the Festival’s Anniversary Edition, traditionally held from 10 September through 23 September in Plovdiv town, was Theater Infinite.
The festival featured 20 exciting performances, among which also the best productions, winners of ICARUS and ASKEER awards and premieres of renowned Bulgarian theatrical companies, as well as more than 10 accompanying events like concerts, workshops, book promotions and street performances. Throughout all festival days a large-scale exhibition, marking 400 years since the death of the notable playwright William Shakespeare, was open to enthusiastic visitors. 
A special book of interviews, revelations, memories and many shared emotions was the Festival’s gift to its audience on the occasion of the theatrical forum’s 20th anniversary.  

All festival events revelled in astounding audience interest. Thus, the Festival affirmed its positions as a cultural event of memorable significance.

UBB has been upholding this initiative year after year as a part of the Bank’s line of support for Bulgarian culture and arts.


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