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Client Care

Dear clients,

While being led by our ambition to ensure stability, comfort and certainty for our clients, with effect from 10.04.2020 UBB introduces particular measures for deferral and settlement of credit liabilities, in line with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The measures of UBB have been elaborated in compliance with the adopted by the Association of Banks in Bulgaria and approved by the Bulgarian National Bank Procedure for Deferral and Settlement of Callable Liabilities towards banks and their subsidiary companies - financial institutions, in line with the state of emergency, introduced on 13.03.2020 by the National Assembly because of the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as with the issued by the European Banking Authority Guidelines on legislative and non-legislative moratoria on loan repayments, applied in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

With regard to individual clients

With regard to consumer and mortgage loans

Option No 1, upon which the due amounts (principal and interest) will be deferred over a period of up to 6 months, however not later than 31.12.2020. In this particular case the whole outstanding debt amount, together with the unpaid principal during the grace period, will be repaid according to a new repayment schedule over a period with up to 6 months longer than the initial one, depending on the number of deferred installments. In the new repayment schedule the interest and fees, due and unpaid over the grace period, will be deferred by adding an equal part of those over a maximum period of up to 12 months for consumer loans and up to 60 months for mortgage loans.

Option No 2, upon which the due amounts on the principal will be deferred over a period of up to 6 months, however not later than 31.12.2020. A new repayment plan will be prepared, covering the total outstanding debt amount, including the non-paid principal during the grace period, as this plan will also state the amount of the due interest during the grace period. The new repayment plan will be longer by up to 6 months, as compared to the initial one, depending on the number of deferred installments.

With regard to revolving Credit Cards and OK loans

For revolving credit products of individual clients UBB provides a deferral opportunity within up to 6 months, however not later than 31.12.2020 for deferring their debt under utilized amounts from the credit limit for purchases at merchants, cash withdrawals and an annual fee. Over the deferral period what will be fully due are interests, fees and monthly installments of deferred purchases, if any, as these will be included in the minimum monthly payment in the monthly statement. After expiry of the deferral period the due amounts for purchases, cash withdrawals and annual fees will continue to be repaid as per the manners, negotiated in the agreement and the minimum amount of the partial repayment installment.

The proposed measures can be used by all clients of the Bank, who:

  • not later than 22.06.2020 have explicitly stated their willingness to use relaxation terms and conditions, by filling out a declaration statement, according to a sample form of the Bank
  • Certify or state their expectations about difficulties in their financial performance, as a result of the circumstances, triggered by Covid-19
  • Use the respective credit product (have a concluded agreement prior to 31.03.2020) – and their liabilities are being repaid on a regular basis as at 01.02.2020 or have past due payables by not more than 90 days

Clients, non-complying with the above requirements, will have an individualized approach applied to the renegotiation of their loans.

An individual approach is offered to all clients of the bank, including those experiencing temporary or permanent difficulties related to COVID-19.

UBB as your partner will help to alleviate the difficult situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to contact us by June 22 2020 to take advantage of the wide range of measures offered by the bank.

Channels, via which you can inform us about the need to use the relaxation terms:

  • Via the official webpage of UBB, by filling out the form at the bottom of this section. The pre-filled form helps to process the request faster, after which a Contact Center employee contacts the customer to provide additional clarification on the deferral.
  • Through UBB’s Client Contact Centre at the dedicated hotline *6777 - Monday to Friday from 8:30 h. until 17:30 h. 
  • To the following email address contact_center@ubb.bg
  • At any UBB branch

Penalty Interest

Over the period, during which there is state of emergency on the Republic of Bulgaria’s territory, penalty interest for all loans with past due payables and the early callable ones will not be accrued.

No renegotiation or other fees, linked to the present offer, will be due.

UBB informs you that the information presented in the uploaded file is your responsibility. We advise you to carefully deliberate before uploading.

Your message was sent successfully!

With regard to business clients

Small and medium-sized enterprises and the corporate clients, as well as micro clients of the Bank, which businesses are directly impacted by the introduced state of emergency and the imposed measures in line with the spread of Covid-19, may refer to their client relationship officials at the Bank for discussing their needs and capabilities in order to overcome the adverse impact on their business. A standard deferred payment scheme for up to 6 months will also apply to business customers.

Servicing at UBB Branches

In line with the recommendations of the National Operational Headquarters and of the Ministry of Health, with effect from 30.03.2020 until the end of the state of emergency period:

  •  UBB branches will operate Monday to Friday from 08:30 h. until 17:00 h.

Upon visiting a branch of the Bank we kindly ask you to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and to bear in mind the following measures, applied by UBB and aimed at your safety:

  • Keep a distance of 2 meters from the other clients and from the branch employees. Wait for your turn in front of the branch, if there are already two other clients, who are being serviced inside.
  • All our employees are servicing clients with protective masks and gloves and are using disinfection materials.
  • Where possible, in certain branches teller desks operate on “every other one” principle.
  • At all branches of UBB disinfection is being made by a professional company, according to an approved schedule.

Remote servicing

UBB clients can effect remotely main banking transactions 24/7, without visiting a branch of the Bank:

  • Fund transfers in Bulgarian leva and foreign currency
    Balance inquiry and statements of UBB accounts and credit cards
  • Fund transfers to the State Budget
  • Pending payables inquiry and utility bill payment
  • More information about UBB Mobile is available here.
  • More information about UBB Online is available here.

Should you need additional assistance UBB Contact Centre staff is available for you at 0700 117 17 for the services, listed here.