Easy and convenient real-time payment of municipal taxes and fees for everyone

  • Payment can be made either through UBB E-banking or UPAY payment gateway

UBB’s E-banking and UPAY payment gateway (https://ubbpay.bg/) enable payment of all types of local taxes and fees to Sofia Municipality, as well as to the municipalities of Belogradchik, Byala Slatina, Lyubimets, Mezdra, and Momchilgrad towns, while for Plovdiv the option is available through UBB's E-banking.

The service is accessible through Taxes and Fees Menu of the E-banking functionality, while via UPAY payment gateway the payment can be made with a card through the website’s Taxes Section.

The online connection between the Bank’s systems and those of the respective municipalities enables E-banking and UPAY users to pay both recent, as well as older taxes and fees. The main advantage of this service is its being extremely intuitive and user-friendly, while the payment itself is directly posted in the system of the relevant municipality.

Along with that through UBB’s E-banking service clients may select to only check their due or already ordered payments of taxes and fees through the Bank’s system by entering their utility/taxable person’s account number.

The automated system allows for payment of all local taxes and fees, including those paid by the largest number of people:

  • Property tax
  • Waste disposal tax
  • Vehicle tax
  • Dog tax
  • Patent tax

For each successfully effected operation clients obtain an e-receipt, containing detailed information on the paid tax liability.