UPAY has newly added over 200 utility companies


Now UPAY gateway has enabled payment to additional companies for utility services, exceeding 200 in number (https://ubbpay.bg/).

Thus, clients of the platform will be able to select among much more companies while covering their bills for electricity, water, telephone, Internet, television, heating, gas, security or professional condo management.

All utility companies are accessible through Payment Section within Utility Bills Menu on the UPAY home page. Payment itself takes only a few minutes and all UPAY clients have to do is:

  • Select a company from the relevant category – Electricity, Water, Telephone, Internet, TV, Heating, Gas, Security, Condo Management.
  • Enter a subscriber number and UPAY will generate information for the amount due.
  • Add payment amount to their basket and confirm payment.
  • Enter their card details and finalize payment.

Each UPAY client will have the option to extract a receipt of the made payment and, if a registered user, the platform will store his/her payment history while also sending, after each similar payment, a receipt to a stated e-mail address.

The newly added companies to the UPAY platform are a step further, made by the Bank’s payment gateway towards easy, secure and fast card payment of utility bills and taxes. Along with that, UPAY clients that happen to also be UBB clients, will benefit from the opportunity to also pay online their credit obligations to the Bank.