UBB launches an Energy Efficiency consumer loanunder the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL)


A new consumer loan for Energy Efficiency has been launched by UBB under the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL). Thanks to the new product households and condominium owners throughout Bulgaria will be able to apply for target loans and gratuitous financial aid for investments in energy-saving technologies.

About the Energy Efficiency loan

Those of you, willing to take advantage of the Energy Efficiency loan terms and conditions, will be able to not only improve the energy efficiency of their homes, but also reduce their expenses for heating or electricity.

Besides, upon approval of the loan by UBB there is an option to apply for gratuitous aid under REECL following the project’s completion with reimbursement of up to 30% of the incurred expenses.

UBB is the only bank, offering Residential Energy Efficiency loans under the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL). 

Terms and conditions of applying for a Residential Energy Efficiency loan

Further information about the Energy Efficiency loan and the steps of applying for it, as well as about the gratuitous aid, is available here.

You can calculate your installments under the Energy Efficiency loan here here.