UBB launches a new online platform for credit card applications


All individual clients have now been provided with an opportunity for applying quickly, easily and securely for a UBB credit card thanks to the UАpply (https://ubbpay.bg/onlineapp) – the Bank’s new platform for acceptance of electronic loan applications.

The digital innovation is a part of UBB‘s strategy for facilitating clients’ access to the Bank’s products and services, and it will initially be accessible by credit card applicants only. Gradually the channel will be expanded to include other products and services.

The UApply platform is based on the best practices in the e-services sphere, thus guaranteeing not only speed, but also safety and thorough control on the part of the client at each and every stage of the application process. This has been made possible owing to the easily accessible /user-friendly registration wizard, allowing all online applicants to monitor in real time their application’s status. Along with that, through their personal account clients will be able to view each and every amendment to the electronic application, while obtaining information about the changes to an e-mail address, indicated by them. 

Following the approval you only need to sign an agreement for the new card, by visiting a UBB branch of your convenience, as selected from the interactive map in the bank’s new corporate website http://ubb.bg/offices.

Replies to all queries about the main application steps are available here, and if additional explanation is needed UBB’s Call Centre is at your disposal with its hotline 070011717 and *7171 (for mobile network subscribers).