UBB with a summer promo campaign for OK loans


We offer to all our present and future OK Loan clients a special promotional interest rate of 6.9% for all transactions, performed over the period 06.07.2017 – 05.10.2017.

The promotional interest rate will be applicable to all transactions, performed and accounted during the campaign period. For all existing OK Loan clients the special interest rate will be valid until 5 December 2017 while for the new ones – over the first three months of their loan agreement.

OK Loan enables you to withdraw and repay funds any time, while paying interest only on the withdrawn amount.  

Additional info on the product is available here.

Example of Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a new Open loan: Upon a revolving credit line of BGN 5 000 over a 12-month term – APR of 19.09% under the following conditions: fixed promotional interest rate of 6.90% over the first 3 months and variable interest rate of 14.893% over the remaining loan period (Reference Interest Rate (RIR) – 6-month SOFIBOR + fixed margin), with included Application Fee of BGN 0.00, Credit Assessment Fee of BGN 70.00 and an annual fee for payment instrument (card) maintenance – BGN 30.00 after the first year. Total amount due – BGN 5 482.47.