UBB site for JEREMIE initiative has been awarded by the Bulgarian Web Association


Jeremie.ubb.bg – the specialized website of UBB, dedicated to the possibilities for lending from United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) under the JEREMIE initiative of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria, grabbed the first award in Finance and Insurance category of this year’s Bulgarian Web Awards.

The site was created in 2011 with the aim to provide a more interactive and user-friendly platform for becoming aware of the opportunities for lending from UBB under the JEREMIE initiative.
The offering of intelligent solutions for supporting the development of the small and medium businesses in Bulgaria has always been a priority for United Bulgarian Bank. The innovative instruments for financial engineering, provided by the JEREMIE initiative, also presuppose an innovative approach in the marketing of the products, offered by UBB within the scope of this initiative. Through the site dedicated for the purpose jeremie.ubb.bg, UBB ensures to its existing and potential future clients an attractive, quick and easy access to the terms and conditions for applying for UBB JEREMIE investment and working capital loans, checking the compliance with the eligibility requirements, as well as submitting a direct inquiry about the financing opportunities. Thus, supported by our two agenciesThe Mags and New Moment New Ideas - jeremie.ubb.bg has come to life, which present reward shows that our mutual efforts have been also appreciated by the Bulgarian Web community“, Mrs. Marinela Koeva, Business Development Manager in United Bulgarian Bank shared on the occasion of the award. „The ongoing improvement of the terms and conditions under UBB JEREMIE loans will be also reflected in our specialized site, which is expected to happen in the middle of July. Just to raise a little bit the curtain we are in store for a second episode of UBB animated miniseries about the potential for realization of successful business projects through financing under the JEREMIE initiative “, Mrs. Koeva revealed.
UBB JEREMIE site competed in Finance and Insurance category of Industry Awards with another five pretenders from the segment.