UBB reduces the interest rates for new mortgage loans down to 6.20% in BGN and EUR

UBB announced new terms on its residential purchase mortgage loans and decreased the interest rates to 6.20% for BGN and EUR with payroll or regular proceeds in a “Comfort” account.
The clients, who want to purchase residential property can choose from equal interest rate for BGN and EUR i.e. 6.20% with payroll or regular proceeds in a “Comfort” account..
The new offer is valid also for refinancing of mortgage loans from other banks with 6.20% interest rate for BGN and EUR, 0% one-off loan drawdown fee and grants an option for additional financing
In addition the new offer of the Bank has also the following preferential terms valid for new mortgage loan applications after 31.03.2013: 
    • No application fee for all mortgage loan purposes

    • 0% early repayment fee with own funds after the 3rd year of the loan tenor

    • 2 times lower preferential one-off loan drawdown fee - 0.75% from the loan amount depending on the conditions for payroll and “Comfort” package 


UBB gives an opportunity to the clients to receive loan amount pre-approval prior to choosing the property that they would like buy.

The maximum amount of the residential purchase mortgage loans is BGN500 000 or EUR 250 000 for a maximum term up to 35 years, where the maximum age of the loan borrowers as of the final loan repayment date is 70 years.  
Further information about the offer is available at http://ubb.bg/en-US/FCK/91.