UBB launches consumer loans with a fixed interest rate over the entire loan period


As a part of its new attractive lending terms UBB starts offering to its clients a consumer loan with a fixed interest rate of 9,95% over the entire loan period.

Potential borrowers, willing to obtain a loan of up to BGN 10 000 may do so without an application fee. It is a preferential condition that UBB has cancelled the payroll requirement and the need of a guarantor.

UBB’s exclusive offer will be valid until 20th September as a chunk of the bank’s ambition to ensure flexible enough and customer-tailored solutions for access to funds, through which its clients could implement their current plans.

The other terms and conditions of the loan are, as follows:

    • Period  - from 6 up to 60 months

    • One-off drawdown fee – 2.5%

    • Administration fee – 0.5%


* APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 12.19% upon a loan of BGN 10 000 over a period of 60 months with a fixed annual interest rate of 9,95% for the entire period, including the fees, stated above. Monthly installment: BGN 214.69. Total due amount: BGN 13131.48

Further information about the product is available here.