The WORLD REFRAMED IN A FLAG photo contest closed


The jury members:

Mr. Krasimir Drumev, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Bulgaria

Ms. Tatyana Grigorova, Deputy Editor -in-Chief of National Geographic Bulgaria and Editor-in-Chief of NG Kids Bulgaria

Mr.Ivo Danchev, Art Director of National Geographic Bulgaria

Ms. Rayna Doncheva, Designer of National Geographic Bulgaria

Mr.Bozhidar Hadzhov, in charge of the prepress of National Geographic Bulgaria;

Ms. Zlatilina Valkova, Brand Manager of National Geographic Bulgaria;

Ms.Iva Doncheva, Brand Manager of NG Kids Bulgaria

Ms. Anka Kostova, Public Relations and Sponsorship Managerat UBB;

Mr. Krasimir Nikolov, Managing Director of Fox International Channels Bulgaria

Mr. Nikolay Karadzhov, DirectorMagazinesat Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria and Chairman of the Jury


Nominated  Mr. Galin Borisov, author of the Mountain Views flag, winner of the WORLD REFRAMED IN A FLAG photo contest.   


Top-5 flags as ranked by the jury:


1st place: Flag 308 Mountain Views , Author: Galin Borisov
2nd place: Flag 1499 Man and Earth , Author: Svilen Panayotov
3rd place: Flag 1122 The world through my eyes, Author: David Manolov
4th place: Flag 1114 „***”, Author: Eleonora Gavrilova
5th place: Flag 1331 Colorful world , Author: Krassimir Matarov


Winner of the public’s online votes is Flag 1010: Hanging in between Sky and Earth by Dimitar Todorov.


Congratulations to Mr. Galin Borisov, winner of the contest, who is awarded with a trip to Washingtonand a visit at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society!


The winner of the online votes wins a cash prize of USD 125.


Thank you all for your participation!