10% first purchase bonus with the new credit cards from UBB


All clients with newly issued credit cards from UBB, activated over the period 16 March – 16 June 2015, will receive cashback, equaling 10% of the value of their first purchase with the card.

This is the Bank’s promotional offer, envisaging a bonus for the first purchase, made with the credit card within 1 month after its initial activation.* Moreover, those willing to obtain a credit card can do so at extremely favourable terms and conditions:
  • No application fee

  • No fee for issuing and renewal

  • Entirely free-of-charge SMS notifications upon effected transactions

Further information about UBB credit cards is available here.
*Maximum bonus amount BGN 100.
Bonus shall not be paid for purchases in equal monthly installments. In the cases when a client’s first purchase has been made on installment basis, the bonus will be accrued on the second purchase, provided that it is made within the month, following the card’s activation.
The maximum amount, on which a bonus will be paid, is BGN 1000.

Bonus payment will be effected within the next calendar month, following the promotional campaign’s closing.
Bonus shall not be paid for transactions with code 7995, related to games of chance, betting and purchase of money chips.
Initial activation shall mean the moment,at which the client has received his/her card at a branch of UBB and has signeda delivery–receipt statement for that.