FX Spot Trading

UBB AD Treasury Department offers to its clients preferential currency rates for deals, exceeding BGN 6000 equivalent.


For FX deals, exceeding the equivalent of BGN 6000, UBB clients will obtain a preferential currency rate.

Clients are provided with the option to place orders.


Minimum deal amount: BGN 6000

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For more information call us at

+359 28112422, +359 28112423 and +359 28112425 or +35928112440, +35928112442 and +35928112439, +35928112445.

or reach us at 

mikov_m @ubb.bg, matev_s @ubb.bg, satchkov_b @ubb.bg,

stefanov_va@ubb.bg, mays_k@ubb.bg, krasteva_b@ubb.bg, yordanov_t@ubb.bg.

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0700 117 17
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+3592 483 1717 New
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