UBB Patrimonium Land

A Short Description

UBB Patrimonium Land Fund is a unique fund aimed at investing mainly in shares of Bulgarian companies investing in agricultural land as well as in global companies from the agrarian sector and the food industry in the world.

Recommended investment horizon: at least 5 years.

Fundamental advantage of the fund: investment in land is one of the most stable investments with a long-term nature and extremely good prospects.

Type of fund:Mutual fund focosed on equities
Investment focus:Shares and bonds of REITs in the country and abroad, investing mainly in agricultural land, office and logistics areas;
Shares of issuers from the agrarian sector;
Companies from the food and beverage industry
Inception date:30.01.2009
Mimimum investment100 leva.
Currency:Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Depository bank:Eurobank Bulgaria JSC


Fees for investors
Issue feeno
     Redemption fee before 18 month    0.25% from NAV per 1 unit
Redemption fee after 18 monthno
Managememnt fee2.90%

Investment objectives

To achieve the objectives, the Management Company follows a moderately aggressive investment policy while managing actively the investment portfolio of securities and cash resources of the FUND.

The resources of the UBB Patrimonium Land are invested predominantly in shares of REIT investing mostly in agricultural land, office and logistics areas, as well as in shares of issuers from the agrarian sector and food industry companies, which have been admitted to trade in regulated markets in the country and abroad and have high growth potential.

For the purpose of structuring and maintaining a diversified investment portfolio and in order to protect the investors’ resources from adverse market trends, the FUND’s assets are invested also in debt securities issued by companies in the priority investment sectors.

The return achieved in the course of the FUND’s assets management are formed mainly of gains on price differences in purchases and sales of the FUND’s portfolio securities, of dividends received and, to a lower extent, of interest on debt securities, bank deposits, etc.

The choice of investment instruments is based on a fundamental and technical analysis where the focus is on selection of securities with a high potential for growth in their market prices and on realising capital and dividend gains.

In order to provide for liquidity and to achieve higher return, UBB Asset Management may perform for the account of the FUND term transactions of acquisition and sale of securities, as well as to enter into agreements with a repurchase provision (repo deals).

To achieve the main objectives of the UBB Patrimonium Land and for risk management purposes, the Management Company may apply appropriate investment methods to protect the portfolio (hedging) from the various kinds of risk, where it may enter into transactions in rights, futures, forwards, options, swaps and other derivatives while being in line with the major investment focus of the FUND.

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