UBB Global Pharm Invest

A Short Description

The funds of UBB Global Farm Invest is a fund focused mainly on the shares of leading companies operating in the healthcare sector, mainly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment segment.

Recommended investment horizon: at least 5 years.

Type of fund:Mutual fund focused on stocks
Investment focus:

Equity securities of companies operating in the healthcare sector,
Mainly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment segment

Inception date:31.05.2010
Minimum investment:100 leva.
Currency:Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Depository bank:Eurobank Bulgaria JSC
Fees for investors
Issue fee2%
     Redemption fee     no
Management fee3.00%

UBB Asset Management JSC has provided a network of offices where the investors can submit orders for the purchase and sale of units of UBB Premium Shares. These are the offices of the Management Company and the branches of United Bulgarian Bank AD in the country.

Investment objectives

To achieve the objectives of UBB Premium Euro Equity, Management company will follow aggressive investment policywhile managing actively the investment portfolio of securities and cash resources.

The UBB Premium Euro Equity financial resources will be invested mainly in shares, denominated in euro, approved for trade on EU regulated markets, that have high growth potential and show high volatility in their price, increase the risk and, respectively – the possibility for higher return.

For structuring and maintaining a diversified investment portfolio and for investor’s resources protection from unfavourable market tendencies, the Fund’s assets will be invested in debt securities, denominated in euro, issued by governments, municipalities and Bulgarian and foreign corporate issuers.

Fixed-yield securities and deposits, denominated in euro, are used mainly for risk diversification and for achieving ongoing return at times of adverse market trends for share securities. To provide liquidity and to achieve higher return, the Management company concludes on the Fund’s account fixed deals for acquiring and trading of securities, as well as agreements with a redemption clause (repo deals).

To achieve the Fund’s main objectives and with risk-rate management the Management company can apply adequate investment methods for portfolio protection (hedging) from different types of risk, and thus conclude deals with rights, futures, forwards, options, swaps and other derivatives.

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