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EUROINVEST is Life insurance, linked to the Belgian investment fund SIVEK Global. The balanced fund combines components of shares, bonds and money market Instruments in one portfolio, which is actively managed by a fund manager, based on an expert assessment and constant monitoring of the global capital markets and economic and geopolitical events.

EUROINVEST is an insurance product, providing complex insurance protection in case of accidental death or permanent disability, as a result of an accident.

EUROINVEST gives the opportunity for achieving much higher profitability, thanks to the investment strategy of KBC Asset Management, thus diversifying our clients’ investment portfolio.

EUROINVEST will be offered constantly during the year, through the UBB network, without specific sale periods and issues.

Advantages and parameters:

Diversification: balance between risk and non-risk assets in the portfolio;

Fund of funds (mixed fund) following the KBC strategy: the most sold fund of KBC AM, awarded as the best balanced fund in Belgium;

High historical profitability, based on the performance of the fund over the past years;

KBC’s investment strategy: increases the return and contains the risks for the investor - the strategy has successfully gone through special stress tests;

Active management of the fund: ensured constant monitoring and change of the portfolio composition;

Liquidity: access to the funds at any time;

Method of payment of the insurance premium: one-off, as the currency is euro;

Minimum amount of the premium in euro: 1 000 for one-off premium

Funds’ unit price movements

See Unit Prices of SIVEK Global Low or SIVEK Global Medium or SIVEK Global High funds HERE


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