Available Funds Deposit

You will always have Available Funds at your disposal of guarateed profitability even in case of the deposit's early termination.


  • You receive interest payments every month
  • Guarateed profitability even in case of the deposit's early termination
  • No charges for opening, withdrawal at maturity date or account maintenance

UBB enables online deposit opening. (https://ebb.ubb.bg)

Terms and Conditions

Period: fixed - 6 or 12 months

Currency: BGN, EUR, USD

Minimum opening balance: BGN 3000 / EUR 1500 / USD 1500

  • No automatic deposit renewal option.
  • Additional depositing and/or withdrawal of amounts during the agreed period of the deposit shall entail its early termination.
  • Early termination: Permitted at any time
  • Upon early termination of the agreement by the 3-rd month of the deposit's opening, the Bank shall not owe any interest.
  • Upon early termination of the agreement after the 3-rd month of the deposit's opening, the Bank will pay the interest due until that moment, less the interest for a one-month period.

Needed documents for opening an account: Identity document


Interest rates:

Opened at a UBB branch

Period6 months12 months 

Opened via U-Online

Period6 months12 months 
 BGN0.07% 0.10%  
 USD0.06% 0.10%  

The interest is accrued daily in an amount according to the table above and the annual interest rates stated therein and is paid monthly on the date of the deposit opening.

The indicated interest rates are valid for newly opened deposits without automatic renewal. The maximum opening amount is 500,000 BGN / 250,000 EUR / USD.

For the existing Available Funds Deposits with automatic renewal, opened prior to 24 February 2014, the interest rates, published in Section VI of the UBB AD Interest Rates Tariff for Accounts of Individuals, shall be valid.

The accumulated interest amount may:

  • be transferred to a standard current account;
  • be withdrawn in cash.
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